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Desert Rage Adventure Race March 30, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Racing.

Finishing the Bike LegMy team just raced in the Desert Rage Camp Verde yesterday, and WOW
what a blast!

Our regular third couldn’t race with us, so Jonea and I asked a race
director named Jeff Hobbs to race with us as team Gilmore Adventure Race in the Masters Division.

The race started out with a 9 mile paddle down the Verde River. The
river was flowing at about 550cfs, so we had a few sets of rapids that
were a little rowdy and fun, but not enough to really scare us. Our new
partner flipped his boat about 10 minutes into the race, and we spent
some time recovering his paddle and waiting for him to make it down to
us so we could continue. The rest of the paddle was just pure fun;
water over the bow and into our laps, beautiful scenery, and a little
adrenalin too.

From the take out, we had to carry our boats up a hill and about 100
meters to the TA. Here we dried off and transitioned to the Mountain
Bike leg. I had just had a new cassette and chain put on Friday, and
started to have trouble right off the get-go. My chain was jumping
all over the cog set anytime I really pushed on the pedals, and I
couldn’t get onto my small front ring at all! Two miles into the
biking, we had to drop our bikes and trek up into a canyon. There was
a very cool waterfall and swimming hole. We scaled the rock around
the side of the swimming hole to get CP3. On the way back down, our
replacement team mate Jeff inadvertently took a dip in the swimming
hole when he slipped of the rocks. From there we climbed up a
hellacious steep rocky trail to CP4, then back down the canyon to our
bikes. The out and back trip to CP5 was on a dirt road scattered with
loose rock that went up and down across the canyons like a roller
coaster. At CP5, we hooked up a tether so I could help Jeff on the
long uphill sections on the way back. When we were almost to CP6, I
could feel myself about to bonk, and quickly ate something to help
refuel. I had to sit down for about 5 minutes in order to go on. We
got CP6, then absolutely bombed the downhill on the way back toward
the TA. I don’t think Jonea hit her brakes at all, way to go!

At the TA, we changed into our trekking shoes and headed out to get as
many of the 6 trekking points as we could before the 5:00pm deadline.
The alergy medicine that Jeff took did the job for him, and suddenly
I was the one holding us up. We figured we could get at least 4 of
the 6, and headed out to do so. When we were almost to the first one,
suddenly Jonea was on the ground, and I thought she had broken her
ankle….instead,she said she had something stuck in her foot. I took
off her shoe, and there was a piece of wood almost the diameter of a
pencil sticking through the sole of her shoe! It had given her a
puncture wound in the arch of her foot. We dug out the giant splinter
and off we went again. We got the CP (1 down) and were off the the next.

On the way to the next point, we saw a team ahead of us, but they
headed up a different wash than I thought the point was in. We went
to where we thought it was, and lo and behold! There it was! (2 down)
We decided to head up that wash to the power lines and then make a
decision based on time left from there. When we got to where the
power lines crossed the wash, we had a choice: try to get the point up
on top of a mesa about a mile away, or head out of the wash the other
way and forget about the point on the mesa. Based on the time and how
we felt at the time, we decided on the second option. We came out of
the wash along the power lines, followed them to a trail on the map, and
from there we took a compass bearing and walked (yes walked..not ran)
to within 30yds of the point we were looking for. (3 down)
Again we evaluted the time left and our physical condition and decide
that 4 would be enough and that we did not have time to get the sixth
point possible. We took another bearing, and trekked (sounds better
than walked) right to it. From there it was just a matter of making
it back to the Finish in one piece. We ran (yes ran….after all,
people were watching!) across the finish line at about 4:05.

There were several teams that managed to get all six points, and our
hats are off to them!

As it was, we ended up winning the Masters Division!

Another great day of racing!!!

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