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A Day of Rest April 13, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Just Stuff, Mountain Biking.
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Today is a day to do the chores around the house and rest up from the last 2 days. Both Friday and Saturday were two-ride days. I already posted about Friday afternoon, so this will be about the Saturday rides.

Saturday morning I met up with a group that road rides together every weekend (not me mind you!) 7 of us headed out White Spar with the intent of doing the out and back to the Wilhoit store, a round trip of 34 miles with plenty of vertical. By the time we got to mile marker 298 (14 miles out), I knew that I needed to turn around. While the other 6 riders continued out the last 3 miles to the store, I turned around and took a leisurely pace back up toward Prescott. I stopped once when my chain came off on the inside of the crank, and another time to look at where forest road 53 (part of the Whiskey Off Road in 2 weeks) connects to hwy 89. When I made it to the top at mile marker 305, I sat and waited for the other 6 that I knew would be along shortly. Looking down across the last switchback canyon, after about 10 minutes, I saw them come around the corner and head into the long switchback. By the time they all made it up to 305, I had been there about 16 minutes. They made good time, much better than they would have if I had been trailing along. We held together as a group on the fast descent into Prescott, and ended up at the Starbucks parking lot.

That was the morning.

In the afternoon, four of us did the exact same ride that Kent and I did on Friday evening, but we had arranged to meet up with some other riders coming the other way up to the overlook. So we had a group of six for the fun, rocky and wild trail riding back down to the cars. That part of the Whiskey course is becoming pretty familiar to me, so I am confident that come race day, I will do well there. The other side, however, is a different story. I am hoping to ride it at least once before the Whiskey.

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