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Motorized Outdoor Adventures June 19, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Just Stuff.
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If you are looking for someone that knows almost everything there is to know about off-road expeditions, vehicle dependent travel and the equipment to go along with it,  look no further than Expeditions West.  They have driven all over this planet in and on all kinds of motorized vehicles.  Scott Brady and his wife Stephanie own this company and that means they get to do all kinds of crazy things, and get paid for it!

Another great publication that anyone interested in overland expeditions should take a look at is something called the Overland Journal.  Scott and Stephanie are joined by many very experienced drivers, writers and photographers in the production of this world class adventure travel journal.

On the way home today I found myself in traffic behind an expedition-ready FJ Cuiser.  It had a snorkel, basket rack, a lift and a bunch of other stuff.  It turned into a driveway in front of me, and I realized that it was a test vehicle for the gang at the Overland Journal and Expeditions West.  Chris Marzonie (editorial director of the Overland Journal) got out of it and told me he had just picked it up in Washington and was going to have it for a couple of months.  SWEET!  He said there is going to be a big FJ get together in Colorado, and he gets to take this new Cruiser to it.

These folks are involved in all kinds of interesting things, take some time to view their sites and the links they have to other great stuff.

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