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The Trail Builder June 20, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking.
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On the ride this morning were me, Hal, Paul, Steve, another Steve, and Rob.  Rob is the trail builder and designer who is responsible for trail 396.  He designed the trail, and directed the building of it.

We had a fun and slow paced ride this morning, it was nice and cool to start out. We rode part of the new trails that loop around the White Spar Campground first, then up the 396 to Senator Highway. From there we took396 down to the social trail that most of us call the telephone line, to the Feldmeier trail then back over to the camp ground.  If you want to look at this map, We rode 371 to 372 to 396, to Feldmeier, to 61 to 373 to 372 to 396 and back to the trail head.White Spar Trails

Thanks to Rob for sending me this map.


  • distance 9.76 miles
  • riding time 1 hr 19 min.
  • avg. speed 7.3 mph
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