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A Gang in Granite Basin July 16, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking.
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Today I rode with a bunch of guys in Granite Basin.  Five of them got there earlier than Nate and I did, so they had already done a 4 mile loop.  Nate and I joined up with Hal, Tim, and Ray (Ray’s first ride with us).  We went back up the trail to meet with Michael and Ken, but never found them.  I figure they didn’t want to be held up by someone as old and slow as me, so they just ditched us!

So the five of us that were left had a great ride up to the top then down the single track commonly known as “10 jumps” and back toward the lake.  Hal and Nate left us then ( I think Hal had a dinner date with his wife), so Tim and Ray and I went back up and came down and around trail 349.  Boy is that a ton of fun!  At the bottom section we played the coasting game that Michael made up, and I just barely beat Tim by about 20 feet, while Ray missed the last turn and ended up on a different trail.  I had to whistle at him to get him to come back to us.  Welcome to the group Ray!

All in all it was another great way to spend an evening.  The decomposed granite had mostly dried from the last few days of rain, so it was tacky but not boggy.


  • distance:  9.05 miles
  • riding time:  59 min.
  • avg. speed:  9.1 mph
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