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The Magnificent Seven October 1, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking.
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Ok, maybe not magnificent, but there were seven of us on a Wednesday evening after work ride.

The ride on the the other hand was magnificent although shorter than most of us would have liked.  Cut short due to impending darkness.

Hal, Ken, Ray (all 3 letter names), and Nate, Kent, Jack, and me, Dave (all 4 letter names) met for a ride in the area that we have dubbed “The Pines”.  I have no idea the relevance, if any, of the short name thing, but I noticed it while typing and had to comment.

We took turns leading, and had no plan other than to let the leader take any turn they wanted too.  I had my GPSr on track mode and here is the map:

The magnificent ride of the not-so magnificent seven.

The magnificent ride of the not-so magnificent seven.

As the days get shorter, it limits the time for riding (unless we want to ride in the dark), so I will be posting some fairly short rides on the weekdays.


  • total distance 5.24 miles
  • total riding time 34 min.
  • avg. speed 9.0 mph
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