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Mountain Biking Alone January 17, 2009

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Events, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, trails.
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Usually not such a good idea…..

But this morning I went out to ride all three legs of the Go! Off Road Duathlon that will be held on Brownlow Trails in Pioneer Park.  I rode very carefully because I was alone…no hucks or jumps today.

The first 1.5 mile running leg starts out on smooth fire road type trail then after about .6 it turns off onto a windy but fairly smooth single track that weaves and wanders its way back toward the TA.

After racer transition to the 8.1 mile mountain bike leg, they will spend just about 30 seconds on the fire roads, then turn onto single track for about a half mile, where they meet fire road width trail again.  The wide track is about 2 miles long before another section of narrow single track cuts across a hillside and back to the wide track where a pretty good climb begins.  Once riders reach the top, there is a fast descent with some surprizingly sharp turns, then another and steeper climb.  At the top of this climb, racers will go through a tunnel then follow the wide track around a roller coaster loop for another mile or so.  Near the bottom of a descent, there is a very sharp turn onto a mile of twisted and narrow single track that climbs and descends up and over 2 ridges before it takes riders through another tunnel.  With less than a mile to go, riders will traverse a hillside on a single track then join the wide track and head toward the TA.

After transitioning back to the last 2.2 mile running leg, racers will follow single track up a ridge then join the wide track trail for a while then back onto a fairly straight and fast single track.  When they hit the wide track again, they have less then a mile to go to the finish line!

Next time I ride it, I will take some photos to edit into this post.

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