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Report from The Coastal Challenge – sort of! February 2, 2009

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Events, extreme sports, Trail Running.
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Well, I am a little frustrated.  The Coastal Challenge website was supposed to have live updates, leaderboard, and all kinds of other cool stuff so we could watch our favorite teams while they suffered competed.  NOT! At least not as of the time of this blog post.

But, fear not!  I have located an article by Jacqueline Windh who just happened to have spent the day with Project Athena’s own Robyn Benincasa.  As you know my own Adventure Racing teammate Jonea Mounsey is one of the Project Athena teams with Robyn.

Thanks Jacquiline for the news!  Here is Jacquiline’s site, please check it out.


1. Anonymous - February 4, 2009

hi dave,

thanks for keeping track of us. we´ve experienced internet connection problems over the last two days (i.e. no/little access), and are finally back on track.

day three and four should have been emailed to you and will be posted momentarily. features to go up as well.

gracias, TCC staff

AR Guide - February 4, 2009

You are welcome, I emailed you about it because I knew that if it was making me crazy that there were thousands of other folks all over the world that were going nuts too. When are you going to have leaderboard and race tracking up?

2. Anonymous - February 3, 2009
AR Guide - February 4, 2009

That is the site I am talking about!! See they still don’t have Day 3 reports up and we are into Day 4. They don’t have a leaderboard up and they don’t have race tracking functioning!!

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