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Seven Riders then Burritos March 10, 2009

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Events, Mountain Biking, Trail Running.
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On Monday morning a group of folks who will be racing in the GORD came up to pre-ride the course.  Rick, who runs Sierra Adventure Sports was among them, however he won’t be racing.  Instead Rick is going to be a volunteer and help with the timing.


The fact that he is helping and not racing didn’t keep him off the bike though.  In fact he almost looks like he is having too much fun in this photo!

We rode at a leisurely pace, just enjoying a day on the bikes.  It was windy as all get out though, and that kept it pretty cold out in the open or on exposed ridge lines.

I certainly didn’t want to run the running legs, so the six of them and I rode all three legs of the Duathlon course.  When it was all said and done, we stood talking in the parking lot about the course, and the day’s ride.  Kim kept shaking her head and saying that it hadn’t been a good day for her, but I thought that she did just fine for being a flat lander and suddenly finding out what riding a hill at altitude feels like.

preride1We packed up our gear and loaded the bikes then decided to head into town for some mexican food.  I called Tracie and asked if she wanted to meet us, and happily, she agreed.  Kent also came to lunch.

That made 9 of us: Rick, Kim, Dave (not me, a real athlete), Georgie, Lisa, Laureen, Kent, Tracie and me.

We had a nice lunch and a better visit, and then they headed back to Phoenix with a good idea of what they are in for on Saturday when they arrive to race the GORD.

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