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Pushing to New Limits March 17, 2009

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Events, Mountain Biking, trails.

After looking through the results and splits of the GORD, I realized that I HAD to go back out there and ride the bike course again.  In the race there were 6 guys that had bike splits under 40 minutes, and one girl with a time of 40:05 (which means that she really rode it in under 40 also).

I had made the mistake of thinking that no one would ride it in less than 40, and was pretty proud that I had done it in 44:51………dork!

Now, in order to try and not appear quite so dorky, I asked Kent to come out and ride it with me.  His time in the race was 42:58, so I knew that he could ride it faster without running first. My goal was to break 40 minutes this time.

I started out fast, and by the end of the first single track section was about 60 meters ahead of Kent, it stayed that way to about the 1.5 mile mark, and then Kent went by me as was feeling the effects of the jack rabbit start.  At the next single track section I made up some ground, and at the bottom of the first big climb was about 50 meters behind.  I suffered up that climb, then bombed the downhill, somehow managing to keep the rubber side down on those sharp curves.

I hammered up the first half of the big climb, then spun up the rest of it and caught a glimpse of Kent heading into the tunnel.  Looking down at my clock, I made a note of the time and then checked it again as I got to the tunnel….I was 30 seconds behind him.  My legs were hurting, so I soft pedaled through the tunnel and pushed just a little up the next little incline.  As it topped out, I shifted into my big ring and really pushed through the next section of flats.  Coming over the next little rise, I saw Kent ahead again.  Another time check, still a 30 second difference.  I felt pretty good as I made the hard left onto the Legacy Trail single track.  After crossing the creek bottom, I saw Kent up on the switch backs, it looked like he was moving pretty good, so I pushed hard up through the tight and steep S-turns and found I had made up 5 seconds.

My legs were screaming at me as I rode over the washboards after going through the second tunnel, but I knew there was less than a mile to go, so I pushed hard on the last bit of single track on the course.  When I came around the corner and headed toward the wide track, I saw Kent on his way down it….darn, back to a 30 second deficit!

I bombed the last downhill, and as I crossed the paved road by Kuebler Field I chanced a look at the minutes on my clock….38:00….uh oh!!  I gave it everything I had all the way back to the parking lot and as I crossed through the gate, looked down again……



39:25!!! REDEMPTION!

Kent had been counting off seconds since he got there and had counted to 25, so that meant he rode it in right at 39 flat!

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