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Back Alley Bike Shop in Prescott January 29, 2010

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I stopped into a small previously unknown (to me) bike shop in Prescott recently and had a nice chat with Aaron, the owner of Sultana Cycles.

His shop is located in the alley behind the infamous Whiskey Row, commonly known as the south 100 block of Montezuma Street.

Aaron can work on any type of bicycle, and says that currently he has a lot of BMX customers, with more MTB and Cruisers showing up every week.

Stop in and see them!

And Then There is Epic Mountain Biking…… January 27, 2010

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Here in Arizona we have a fellow named Chad Brown who is and Endurance Mountain Biker.  I really like reading his blog because he does Bikepacking trips of epic proportion on a regular basis.

His blog is fittingly called Bikepacking and Endurance Mountain Biking.

Check it out.  He has great commentary and superb photos of parts of Arizona that most people never see.

Helmet Cam – Out with the Old and In with the New January 27, 2010

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We just bought a new helmet cam to replace the old and cumbersome bullet cam that required one to carry a camcorder in your backpack.

The bullet cam setup was all that there was until fairly recently, so I shouldn’t complain.  But it was tedious to get set up correctly and to operate.  It plugged into a battery pack that plugged into a camcorder.  You had to make sure that the camcorder was powered up and on the correct setting and then stash it in your backpack . After it is in, you hope you don’t bump it and turn it off or unplug one of the wires.  Then there was the remote control cable….is the camera in record mode? Is it paused?  Is it out of tape?  Who could tell from just a little flashing (or not) light by the button?

Then came the transferring of the video (if you actually got anything useful) to the computer.


The camera we just bought is a GoPro Hero Wide Angle.  It is self-contained, digital, has a viewfinder so you can see what you will see as you set it up.  When you are finished recording, it plugs right into your computer via USB port and Presto! Our camera is not the HD version.  We hope to move up to that someday.

It has snowed a lot here lately, so we haven’t actually used it yet, but hope to get out soon and bring back some usable helmet or handlebar video.

Want To Be a Better Mountain Biker? January 22, 2010

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I just found an in depth guide to learning and honing your mountain biking skills.

The Complete MTB guide – Julien Lallemand has created a very detailed and illustrated guide to mountain biking.  All the content is on the California ARA site for new and experienced racers to use.

This has something for everyone who either wants to be a mountain biker, or is already and wants to improve.

No MTB in Prescott for a while January 22, 2010

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Things are going to be way to muddy to ride for quite a while here.  In the last 24 hours we have been dumped on with snow and rain totaling over 4″ of precipitation.

The mountains have up to 2′ of snow on them, and it will be close to a month before it melts off in the shade of the pine trees.  It looks like we will have to head to the desert to ride for a while.