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12 HAN Gets Another New Sponsor February 27, 2010

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One of our contributing sponsors for the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike race is going to be The Singletrack Store.

They are purveyors of the MagicShine 900 lumens light kit, that you will see many of the competitors at the 12 Hours At Night using to get them through the hours of darkness.

The Singletrack Store will be providing our universal charging station as well as some Magicshine chargers.  They will also have kits on hand to purchase.

Prescott Duathlon Needs Volunteers February 22, 2010

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Prescott, Arizona – The Go! Off Road Duathlon is to be held on March 20th, and is in need of volunteers to do a multitude of jobs on and off the course in order to make the race a fun and safe event for all the participants.

The race is in triathlon format, except there is a run in place of the swim, and it all takes place on trails!  It starts with a 1.5 mile trail run, then a 8.2 mile mountain bike ride, followed by a 2.2 mile trail run.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please visit the link above to visit the race site.

New Fork for My Ride – Rock Shox Tora 302 February 22, 2010

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I just had a Rock Shox Tora 302 Uturn installed on my bike.  I can’t wait to get out and give it a good testing, but it looks like I will have to, as it snowed all day here.

My original stock fork was starting to wallow out to where it felt like the headset was loose.  The shocks still worked fine though.

I ride a 2004 Specialized FSR xcPro that came stock with an Axel 100mm travel fork.  This Rock Shox Tora is adjustable from 85mm to 130mm, has a lock out, and rebound adjustment.

It looks great on the bike, feels good just riding around my neighborhood, but I really want to get out there and give it a good test ride.

After I have had it a while, I will post a review of it here.

12 HAN Picks Up New Sponsor February 20, 2010

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We here at GO Adventure Recreation are very pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement beginning with the 12 Hours At Night Mtb Ride, and then carrying forward to all our events.

We welcome TopoFusion GPS Mapping Software to our list of very generous sponsors.  TopoFusion will be providing updated online course maps and software packages as prizes.

Please take the time to visit them and the rest of the sponsors that help make our events such participant friendly fun!

Group Ride on Thumper Loop February 20, 2010

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Yesterday a group of us drove over to Cottonwood and into the Dead Horse Ranch State Park to ride a trail people call Thumper Loop.

There are 120+ members of the Prescott Mountain Biking facebook group now, so when a group ride event is posted, someone always shows up!  Yesterday was no different.

Some of us carpooled, and others just met there at the park.  When we got there, the Park Ranger who built the Thumper Trail met us and directed us up to a different trailhead.  This caused some confusion, and we found out later that some of the group didn’t find us.   All in all we had about 17 or 18 people show up to ride.

Prescott Mountain Biking Group Ride

The Thumper Loop Ride is really made up of 3 trails.  The Lower Raptor Trail is a 2 mile climb out of the Verde River valley up onto the plateaus to the northeast.  Then it connects to the Thumper Trail which is a raucous romp southward that has multiple small drops and one section of rowdy drops.

Then we turned onto the Lime Kiln Trail and headed back down toward the Park.  This trail has a few really fun drops and surprises in store as well, including some crazy exposures and one last big drop right before the road.

Steve on the last drop

We took a Park trail back up to the trail head where the loop began, regrouped, then did the whole loop again!  Awesome!

GORD Course is in Good Shape February 10, 2010

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Several of us went out and rode the course for the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon or GORD this last weekend.

The first running leg is 1.5 miles. The first third of that leg is on wide track trail that is part of the Brownlow Trail system in Pioneer Park.  The other two-thirds is on single track trail that winds through the pinon, juniper and scrub oak trees.

The second leg of the race is he mountain 8.1 mile mountain biking leg.  It too incorporates wide track and single track, but it is no walk in the park, it has about 900′ of climbing and some challenging twisty single track on the north end of the park.

The final leg of the GORD is another trail running leg of 2.2 miles.  It starts out on single track, and ends with almost a mile of the wide track trail to allow racers to not have to concentrate so much on foot placement, but just let the dogs run.

There has been a lot of rain and snow here in the last month, so we didn’t know what kind of shape the trails would be in.  To our pleasant surprise, the single track is in as good a shape as I have ever seen it.  Some sections of the wide track are going to need some dragging, there are some places where the water washed a bunch of sand down over it, and a few fairly deep ruts.

With the race still five weeks away, I will be riding it many more times.

Group Ride on the BCT February 7, 2010

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Last Saturday a bunch of us from Prescott drove down from our snow covered enclave to warmer and dryer pastures.

We met at the Table Mesa trailhead on the Black Canyon Trail (BCT) to do an out and back to the south toward the Emery Henderson trailhead on New River Road.

By the time everyone arrived, the twenty or so riders we expected had ballooned by word of mouth to thirty four!

This was one HUGE group ride!

The rains the week before had left the trail a perfect tackiness, and we had some cloud cover as we climbed about 600′ over the first 2 miles or so.

The group naturally split up into various smaller groups, with the hammer-heads out front, and us intermediates in the middle and some of the more tentative or less experienced in the back.

Everyone re-grouped at the big saddle and headed down across the Doe Spring access road and on toward the top end of the Boy Scout Loop.

We regrouped again at the north side of a climb over a saddle just before the trail junction at Boy Scout Loop.  Here, about half of us decided to go ahead and do the loop, while the rest chose to head back to the north.

We climbed up and over the saddle, descended a fairly technical section of narrow single track, and found ourselves at the trail junction.  We decided to do the loop in a counter-clockwise direction.   I had my GoPro Hero video camera mounted on my bars, and took this video of this section.  Of course by the time I figured out how to turn it on, I was on the trail alone.

The day ended up being perfect for riding, temp about 60°F and the sun came out for the second half of the ride.

We did about 14 miles that day, no one got hurt, and all 34 riders had a great day on the bike!