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Snow, Rain, and No Ride March 9, 2010

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Just Stuff, trails.
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I am so done with winter.

This has been one of the wettest winters on record.  All our lakes are full, the mountains around Prescott are packed with snow, and yet again today it snowed and hailed all damned day.

Our trails turn to something you could throw pottery with when they get soaked, so riding on them is out of the question.

Snow, snow, go away, come again…………in friggin’ December!


1. Kevin Richardson - March 18, 2010

Dave, Can you tell me how the trail conditions look for the GORD this weekend?

AR Guide - March 19, 2010

Thanks for asking Kevin, the morning hours will be cold, warming to about 50° at race time. Trails are dry, but with some rutting from hikers and horses when it was muddy. There is a slight chance of some rain today, that might make things a little tackier. There are are few sections with some pretty loose sand.

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