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Another Mountain Biker is Born April 26, 2011

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Day Hiking, Just Stuff, Mountain Biking, orienteering.
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One of the biggest thrills I get from my job is taking people to places that they would normally never see, and seeing their face light up from the experience.

My second favorite thrill is when I see that someone is hooked, whether it be on mountain biking (like this great story), hiking, orienteering, adventure racing, or climbing.  To turn someone onto something that will perhaps change their life for the better is really, really cool.

Regarding the story that I linked to above; I do not know this girl at all, but her story is all too familiar to me…..and I love it!


1. Robert Coombs - April 27, 2011

Great story Dave, Jenni reminds us all of just what you can accomplish.
Oh, how I remember starting out really not knowing with I was doing but excited to be at my first event which was The Whiskey Off Road 50 miler, and you know I can not beat that time.
Still to this day I get a bit freaked out so always learning.
Good going Jenni!

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