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Bike Magazine Offers Up Some Great Tips July 24, 2013

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I just ran across a really great tutorial article in Bike Magazine Online about five ways to improve your cornering.  It can help every level of rider, whether it is a refresher for a very experienced rider, or some super helpful info for beginners.


Hopefully we can all glean something that will improve our riding!

BMX Freerider from Prescott January 19, 2012

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When you take your bike to High Gear Bike Shop in Prescott, Arizona you will notice two things right off the bat.  The shop is always busy, and they have a lot of inventory.  One of the reasons they are busy is they have great mechanics.

One of those mechanics is the unassuming Johnny Stevens.  This low key, friendly wrencher is like  Jekyll and Hide however, put him on a BMX bike and turn him loose in a park or on the streets, and he becomes a raging madman on two wheels.

Johnny is one of the team riders for the Proper Bike Co. when he is not fixing bikes here in Prescott.

Check out this latest video of Johnny doing his thing:

Johnny Stevens Edit from IMG TV on Vimeo.

That reminds me, I need to take my bike in for a tune up…….

Spelunking + Running = Sperunking January 11, 2012

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If you happen to find yourself anywhere near the State of Missouri in February, you have got to check this out!

It is called the Sand Mine Challenge, and it involves running a 5k but not just another 5k, this one is UNDERGROUND!

Melting into the Mountains November 30, 2011

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On Sunday, Tom and I drove our vehicles down to the Gloriana Mine trail head of the Black Canyon Trail that is near the Bumble Bee road exit on I-17.  I put my bike behind his on this bike rack, loaded my gear into his Supra, and we headed back up to the Old Sycamore trail head where we would start our ride.

When we parked up on Old Sycamore and started to unload our bikes, Tom noticed his front tire was flat, in fact it was more than just flat, it had melted!  The way his bike was sitting on the rack, it was too close to his exhaust pipe, and during the trip up the hill from Bumble Bee Road, he had unintentionally vulcanized the side of his nearly new (and expensive) tire. There was smiley faced shaped hole in it and his tube had popped.

What to do?  Do we cancel the ride and drive back down to get my truck?  Do we drive into Prescott Valley and see if he can buy a new tire?  NO! We try to figure out a way to repair it.  Tom put a section of his old tube around his spare tube and then sleeved the tire with a dollar bill.  He pumped it up and it appeared like it was holding.  A few pedals around the parking area and a couple of bunny hops and it was still holding, so it should hold for a 25 mile ride through rocks and cactus right????  What the heck, we were up for an adventure.

Nearly 3 miles in, we came to a gate near a big cairn topped with a pile of cow bones.  It appeared that the dollar bill was pushing through the sidewall of the tire…..Hmm I guess the Stan’s that had leaked out of his first melted tube had soaked the dollar bill making it weak and susceptible to tearing.  Tom decided to try a different method of repair.  He stuck 3 self adhesive repair patches to the inside of the tire, overlapping one another so they covered the entire melted gash and reinforced each other.  Then refolded the dollar bill and put it back in, then the section of old tube, then the new tube……

It was ugly, and we had no idea if it would hold, but we bold set out where no melted tire had gone before!

The ride itself was outstanding.  The weather was perfect, and the trail was not muddy at all.  We stopped where the BCT crosses the road near Cordes Ranch to take a look at the repair and it appeared to be holding just fine.

The next section of the BCT down to the Hidden Treasure Mine trail head is one of my favorite sections because of the way the trail meanders down the sides of the narrow Antelope Creek Canyon.  The thin, loose granite trail with the super steep and rocky exposure demands concentration, as there is a big penalty for failure.

We stopped for a snack and to check the tire again at the Hidden Treasure Mine trailhead.  So far so good.  We then headed out onto the really fun section of the BCT  that climbs up and over some foothills on the way to the bridge near the town of Bumble Bee.

Here we were, 20 miles into a ride on a very popular trail, on a perfect Sunday afternoon, and we hadn’t seen a soul.  Crazy.  We started the short but punishing half mile climb up the jeep road, knowing that the truck was only 5 miles away now.  At the top of the jeep road we stopped to check the tire, and to talk about the very different trail types we had already been on, and what was yet to come.  I agreed with Tom that the next 4.5 miles of the BCT were probably the most technical miles on the entire 65 mile length of the the trail.

Me on the Black Canyon Trail

As we rode along this section, the shadows grew long and my legs were telling me they needed to be done soon.  With about a mile to go, we caught up with two other Prescottonians, Billy and Christi who were doing an out and back from the Gloriana Mine trail head.  After we went by them, we were like horses running to the barn.  We pounded out that last mile as if it were our first, anticipating putting the bikes away and having a nice cold beer.

When we rolled up to the truck, neither of us could believe that the repair job on that melted-open tire had made it through 25 miles of rough terrain.

It was and adventure all right, and it turned out better than we could have hoped.



12 Hours At Night Results July 18, 2011

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The 2011 12 Hours  At Night endurance mountain bike race in Prescott, AZ is in the books, and we can’t wait for next year!

There are lots of photos posted HERE.  Thanks to Brooke Photography for taking some great photos.  You can definitely tell which are taken by the professional, and which were taken by me. If you ever need photos taken by a pro with an amazing eye for finding the extraordinary shot, use Brooke Photography.

Lap Count Results are:

Place # NamE Total Laps
1 127 Jim Koziol 16
2 101 Zach Stanford 15
3 105 Rich Maines 12
4 107 Mike Park 12
4 113 Brian Roberts 12
6 112 Dan Kuch 11
7 129 Ward Tyczka 10
8 109 James Bliss 9
8 114 Alan Honyestewa 9
9 102 Scott Golden 8
11 104 Richard Sharp 8
12 108 Jim Alred 6
13 106 Phil Ryder 4
14 124 Donald Kavanagh 3
15 111 Gene Argust 3
16 125 David Bush 2
103 Ryan Coates
126 Tom Stack
1 116 Crankin’ for a Spankin’ 12
2 115 Becky Bliss 8
3 117 Sandi Scrimgeour 6
4 128 Sharon Marzonie 4
1 110 GeoManGear 13
2 120 Darren Tsosie 10
3 118 Team Crossfit 7
4 121 David Rowe 6
5 123 Taylor Lideen 5
122 Walt Lopus
1 203 Celtic Cow 15
2 204 Red Energy 13
3 205 How Much Longer!? 11
4 202 Iron Giant 7
5 206 The Burearcrats 6
1 302 Esso Watches Racing 16
2 303 Midnight Cramp Campaign 16
3 305 Sunday Cycles 14
4 304 Sammy’s Road Kill Crew 13
5 301 Team Laughing in the face of RA 12
1 307 One Cog 16
2 309 Waiting for Sunrise 16
3 308 BLVD Bike 12

Full race results and lap times will be posted to the event page in a few days.

Another Mountain Biker is Born April 26, 2011

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One of the biggest thrills I get from my job is taking people to places that they would normally never see, and seeing their face light up from the experience.

My second favorite thrill is when I see that someone is hooked, whether it be on mountain biking (like this great story), hiking, orienteering, adventure racing, or climbing.  To turn someone onto something that will perhaps change their life for the better is really, really cool.

Regarding the story that I linked to above; I do not know this girl at all, but her story is all too familiar to me…..and I love it!

Horses and Bikes Together? March 19, 2011

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This morning the Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance had a group ride out in Granite Basin.

Part of the event was a pow wow of sorts with representatives from a local equestrian club.  The horse folks made a presentation about how horses perceive bikes and other things and then what we as bikers can do when we come upon horses on the trail.  Trail etiquette 101.

UPDATE: Here are some trail etiquette guidelines that IMBA just published today 4/3/2011

They told us that horses know we are coming toward them long before their riders do, and that when we see horses while mountain biking, we should call out (no bells, or horns) to them, and ask them if we need to get off our bikes.  They know their horses, and will instruct us on what to do.  Some horses are used to bikes and the horses will just step off the trail and their rider will instruct us to just ride on by (slowly). Others will ask us to dismount and walk by.  And there are others that will ask us to dismount, step off the trail with our bikes and let the horses go by us.  When we do step off the trail, they ask that we stay in the open (not behind trees or bushes) so the horse can see us.  Horses view things that they are not used to as predators, and so it is important to continue talking in a normal voice so the horse knows that we are human.

There are those people out there that want to stir up controversy and try to make it seem that equestrians and mountain bikers are adversarial, but that is just not true for 99% of us.  We recognize that these trails on public lands are for all of us and we do what we can to make any interaction as pleasant and smooth as possible.

The equestrians that spoke to us brought up two things that we hear mountain bikers complain about a lot.  Piles of horse manure in the trail, and horses riding on muddy trails and tearing them up.  I for one was glad that they brought this up and it didn’t have to come from on of the bikers there.  The horse folks said that they should be moving the manure off the trail, and added that experienced equestrians do not ride when the trails are muddy.

This notion of experienced vs. green horses and riders are what prompted a question from me, “Are there steps that equestrians should take to get their horses used to bikers and hikers before taking them out on multi-use trails?”

The answer was yes, that if they are planning on having their horse in an area where it could come across hikers, dogs, or bikers, the owner themselves should take the time to acclimatize their animal to these possibilities.  However many do not.  There have been many cases of bikers being yelled at by people on horses, saying things like, “Stop, my horse is afraid of bikes!  Or event telling us that we do not belong on the trails.

It was nice to hear that these leaders of  the horse community agree that through joint awareness with bikers and hikers, and all three groups taking the time to prepare for the eventual on trail encounter, we can and will make taking to the trails a fun and enjoyable experience for all of us.

After the meetup, we went on an 11 mile ride down the Mint Wash Trail 345 to the junction with the 308, where we turned around and backtracked then took the 347 back up to complete our loop.  On the way, we encountered horses on 3 occasions, and in all 3 the horses stepped off the trail and waved us by.  Perfect!

2011 GORD Official Results Posted March 16, 2011

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The Official Results of the 2011 Go! Off Road Duathlon held in Prescott, AZ  on March 12, 2011 are now posted on the GORD website.

Here are a few highlights and other tidbits about the event.

Fastest Overall Male – Dan Hight (39) from Prescott with a time of  59:57.  Dan came in from the first run 58 seconds behind the leader, but rode the fastest mountain bike leg with a blistering split of 34:53 for the 8.2 mile course.

Fastest Overall Female – Sandi Scrimgeour (46) from Prescott with a time of 1:15:22.  Sandi also had the fastest female bike split with a 43:43.

Other things to note are:

  • On his final trail running leg, Chris Bray ran at a 5:58/mile pace.
  • Vickie Nelson of Team BFC Racing had the fastest women’s pace of 7:05/mile on the final leg.
  • Resolute Sasquatches (either Pete or Justin) had the fastest pace of the day at 5:52/mile….wow! That is smokin’.
  • Brian from The Fat Tire Loafers had the fastest team bike leg at 36:34.
  • Our competitors ranged from 25 to 62 years old.
  • High Gear Bike Shop gave us lots of fabulous prizes to give away!

There are some photos posted on the GO-AR Shutterfly page.  If you were there and took any photos, or know someone who did, please send them to us at this address: info (@) go-ar.com, we can put them up for all to see.

Upcoming events:

12 Hours At Night Mountain Bike Ride

10th Annual Gilmore Adventure Race

TR³ Mountain Bike Duathlon

GORD Finish Times and Rankings March 12, 2011

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Here is a quick look at results from the 3rd annual Go! Off Road Duathlon.

Full results with all the split times to follow in the next couple of days.

Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:12 PM for Male 12-19 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
No results yet for this age group.
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:13 PM for Male 20-29 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 31 Lee Taylor 1:13:12 Gilbert
2 97 Conor Eldridge 1:14:47 Tucson
3 32 Allen Taylor 1:17:14 Chandler
4 71 Derek Burr 1:29:32 Phoenix
5 53 Charles Towler 1:29:46 Buckeye
6 54 Adam Jordan 1:29:47 Buckeye
7 93 Brock Mounsey 1:36:35 Peoria
8 49 Kyle Carmichael 1:39:57 Mesa
9 15 Jon Young 1:40:22 Phoenix
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:13 PM for Male 30-39 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 18 Dan Hight 0:59:57 Prescott
2 98 Ryan Welborn 1:04:06 Yuma
3 1 Jason Lohman 1:07:03 Prescott Valley
4 57 Kean Mihata 1:07:08 Page
5 48 Dan Streeter 1:08:27 Prescott
6 37 Tanner Jones 1:10:17 Tucson
7 91 Patrick Lynch 1:10:27 Prescott
8 47 Tom Stotler 1:10:45 Prescott Valley
9 72 Jared Burr 1:11:11 Phoenix
10 62 Jeff Strom 1:17:38 Buckeye
11 3 Thomas Hedwal 1:18:09 Flagstaff
12 43 Ward Tyczka 1:18:19 Goodyear
13 63 Chris  Reidy 1:24:20 Tempe
14 25 Breck Gudinas 1:28:54 Anthem
15 50 Israel Albarran 1:29:27 Flagstaff
16 16 Jeffrey Knight 1:30:12 Mesa
17 8 Matt Mandel 1:30:36 Tucson
18 35 Ken Skinner 1:35:04 Prescott
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:14 PM for Male 40-49 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 95 Chris Bray 1:02:55 Prescott
2 39 David Benjes 1:03:32 Tucson
3 90 Eric Nelson 1:14:36 Prescott
4 73 Bill O’Leary 1:14:43 Prescott
5 89 Manuel Heredia 1:14:46 Prescott
6 42 Noel Kingston 1:15:00 Prescott
7 36 Mark Jacoby 1:24:22 Phoenix
8 60 Joel Medrano 1:29:41 Buckeye
9 28 John Donovan 1:34:49 Scottsdale
10 41 Dan Munsell 1:37:48 Prescott Valley
11 58 Gregory Peterson 1:44:14 Buckeye
12 99 Ron Barrett 1:51:33 Buckeye
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:14 PM for Male 50 and Over in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 96 Steve Becker 1:09:43 Prescott
2 66 Dennis Freeman 1:16:08 Phoenix
3 38 James Jones 1:16:27 Prescott
4 40 Marc White 1:23:49 Chandler
5 88 Robert Coombs 1:26:44 Prescott
6 59 Larry Phillips Sr. 1:46:28 Waddell
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:15 PM for Female 12-19 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
No results yet for this age group.
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:15 PM for Female 20-29 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 56 Jennifer Wytaske 1:48:52 Flagstaff
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:16 PM for Female 30-39 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 52 Chelsea Carpenter 1:35:22 Phoenix
2 24 Jessica Gudinas 1:39:03 Anthem
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:16 PM for Female 40-49 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 51 Sandi Scrimgeour 1:15:22 Prescott
2 65 Keri Postlewait 1:21:27 Flagstaff
3 92 Diane Rogalcheck 1:24:48 Prescott
4 4 Shaula Hedwal 1:31:19 Flagstaff
5 27 Dana Hogan 1:40:34 Sierra Vista
6 94 Jonea Mounsey 1:47:07 Peoria
7 2 Sandy Lightner 1:50:27 Prescott Valley
Age Group Race Report as of 3/12/2011 5:53:17 PM for Female 50 and Over in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Elapsed City
1 44 Gretta Jordan 1:38:01 Prescott
2 55 Deborah Fresquez 1:39:04 Flagstaff
Division: Relay
Place Bib # Team Name Elapsed City
1 126 BFC Racing 1:05:49 Phoenix
2 123 Prepare to Panic 1:07:37 Tucson
3 124 Resolute Sasquatches 1:09:45 Mesa
4 129 Jim’s Alignment 1:11:41 Prescott
5 125 It’s Walt and De’ not De’ and Walt!! 1:13:14 Scottsdale
6 132 Cheeky Monkeys 1:19:08 Phoenix
7 131 Jump Around! 1:23:28 Prescott
8 130 Blood Sweat and Beers 1:24:38 Phoenix
9 127 Fat Tire Loafers 1:25:49 Prescott
10 128 Penn and Taller 1:52:31 Phoenix
11 122 Team Dirty Wives 1:55:25 Prescott

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo 2011 February 26, 2011

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We left Prescott as five individuals who were going to ride in the 5 person co-ed 200+ division at the Kona 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo mountain bike race.

We arrived back to Prescott as an Endurance Mountain Biking Team.  Old and slow, but still a team called “Four and a Half Men”

By late Friday, we had all made it safely to the desert north of Tucson where the 24 HITOP is held.  Some of us had been there a day already and had pre-ridden the course a couple of times.  It seemed pretty tame compared to what we ride in the Prescott area on any given weekend.

Friday we sat around our campfire, visiting and contemplating what the next day would bring.  None of us had ever been to the 24 HITOP before, and we really didn’t know what to expect.

As the sun fell toward the horizon, we had the opportunity to see an amazing Arizona sunset.  Word spread through the temporary 24 Hour Town like the wildfire that appeared to in the western sky.

People ran for their cameras and stood on their cars, trailers and motorhomes to try and get the perfect sunset photo.  I picked up my bike and held it up while Steve snapped this photo.  As the sun continued to dip, the sky turned the color of a blacksmith’s forge.  Then Scott held his Yeti skyward for one of the coolest photos I have seen.

What an awesome way to start our weekend adventure.

Saturday morning we were treated to Omelets prepared by Karen who had come down to just hang out with us and take some photos.  She is also an amazing camp cook!

We went down to the expo area and visited with other Prescott riders that were there throughout the morning.  After the pre-race meeting, Robert prepared for taking the first lap for our team.  This race begins with a quarter-mile LeMans style start where the first lap riders run that 4oo meters, then mount their bike and ride the first lap.  It is literally a stampede of 800+ bikers trying to find their bike and somehow weave through the chute filled with other biker attempting to do the same thing.

After the wild start, the rest of us went down to the spot on a trail called His ‘n Hers where the race course comes closest to the 24 Hour Town.  Here we cheered on the first riders to arrive, counting them as they went past until at number 146 we saw Robert coming around the corner.  We yelled like crazy for the 2 or 3 seconds that it took him to approach us, go by, and then disappear around another corner.

I forgot to mention that at the start of the race, the wind was blowing at 25-30 mph, with gusts to 40+ (crazy!).

I hurried back to get ready to take lap number 2 for out team.  I felt good, and was riding well, when shortly after the turn onto Rattlesnake Trail, riders were being flagged down and asked to walk our bikes past a rider being worked on by EMS.  I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I did see what was left of a large cholla cactus scattered about as if it had been blown up.  Note to self: stay on the trail! It felt like the wind was picking up, and as I rode across the dam of a cattle tank, I saw a girl get blown off her bike, then as she tried to walk the bike, it was being blown into her and she could hardly hold onto it.  The guy in front of my looked like he and his bike were leaning at a 45 degree angle just to hold a straight line!  About 12 miles into that first lap, I realized that I was riding really hard, and I thought back to standing there in the on deck area of the exchange tent telling myself it was going to be a long 24 hours and to just take it easy.  That plan was out the window, and I knew I would suffer on later laps because of it.  Dang.

When I came into the exchange tent, there was Steve, ready to go.  One thing I thought we did really well throughout the entire event, was we just kept moving forward.  There weren’t any missed exchanges where the next rider was sleeping, and none of us had any mechanical issues or flat tires.

While Steve was out on his lap, we felt the air temperature suddenly drop about 15 degrees, and the forecast said that rain was on the way within the hour.  So when Jeanette geared up for our 4th team lap, she was ready for whatever might be coming.  She ended up being out there for the beginning of the coming rain.  Evidently it rained lightly on her toward the end of her lap, and as she passed the baton to Michael at about 6:20pm, the rain was falling.  Michael’s lap had it all.  He rode in 20mph winds with rain falling sideways and about 15 minutes into his lap, the sun was gone.  While we were huddled in tents and trailers for the next hour and a half, Michael pushed on.  He returned from his lap in amazingly good spirits, with stories of how fantastic the cacti looked in his lights with each drop of water on every little needle reflecting the light.  We were feeling good as a team as Michael finished his lap and Robert began his second lap.  The rain appeared to be almost over, and we had all successfully completed our first lap of the 16.1 mile race course.

The rain DID stop, and we continued to ride through the night without any problems.  There were lots of riders out there changing tires and patching tubes, but thankfully, we were not among those with mechanical issues.  During Jeanette’s second lap, somewhere around midnight, I took this photo of riders lights coming along His ‘n Hers Trail.  Look at the glow of the lights of Tucson on the low clouds in the background.

One thing we all noticed and were really appreciative of, was how courteous and friendly 99.9% of the riders were.  Around 6am as I was coaxing my bike up the climb of the High Point Trail, a very fast girl wearing a KHS Cycles jersey went by me like I was standing still, but as she did, she took the time to offer words of encouragement, “Keep going, you are almost done!”, she said as she disappeared into the gray of the early morning.

Micheal had the last lap for our team as noon approached on Sunday, and the rest of us walked over to the spot where the trail comes back down toward the transition tent to meet him.  As he came around the corner toward us, he spotted Jeanette waving to him, and tired as he was, he gave a big satisfied smile.

We had completed 15 laps, 3 each to finish 13th of 46 teams in our division that started on Saturday.

Team Four and a Half Men

At any of various points throughout the race, we had all been the Half that our team name mentions.  The other 4 were always there to offer a smile, a joke, and words of encouragement.  This was a bonding experience for us.  We became a team at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

The Rim View Trail in Page, AZ February 14, 2011

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I had the opportunity to ride and track the Rim View Trail that circles around most of the town of Page, AZ this weekend, and was not disappointed.

The town itself sits on top of a mesa overlooking Lake Powell, and the Glen Canyon Dam.  The trail, true to its name follows the rim of the mesa, offering fantastic views at every turn.

Aerial of the Rim View Trail

This trail is a fun, slightly technical, single track about 11 miles in length. I say about, because there are several areas where you can choose to take a spur of the trail that either goes closer to the edge of the mesa, or away from the edge, with less exposure to huge drop offs.  There are many places on this trail where the penalty for falling is certain death.

I rode it both directions, and would suggest counterclockwise as the best way, just because of the long downhill on the east side of the airport.  Both ways are great though.  If I lived in Page, I would ride this trail every day!

Single Speed, By Accident January 31, 2011

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My knees ache.   They have too many years of wear and tear to ride a Single Speed bike.  I found this out the hard way.

Yesterday Ken, Michael, Keith, Shawn, Hal and I met up for a mountain bike ride up into “The Pines”.

The first time that I really pushed hard, my chain (more on the chain later) came apart and jammed into my rear derailleur, breaking it off the hanger and sending it up and around the cog set and into the spokes.  Luckily, I stopped before it broke any of the spokes.

This all happened less than 1 mile into what we had hoped to be a 10-12 mile ride.  Now I had a dilemma, pick up my bike and walk back to the truck and drive home, depressed and saddened by not being able to ride, OR try to make it work and keep riding….

Michael helped me take off the twisted derailleur and shorten the chain enough to turn my once 27 speed steed into a single speed bike.

Jury Rigged SS

So the 6 of us continued our climb into woods, me on a 34 x 20 SS.  Somewhere right after that, Keith got separated from us and after waiting, then going back and looking for him, we determined that he must have headed home.  After a couple of more miles, Ken needed to peel off and head home too, so now it was just Michael, Shawn Hal, and me.  We climbed up Bobsled, went through the tunnel and on up to Topside. We took Topside to Tatonka, and down Jawbone to the 332 and on down to the fireplace.  It became apparent to me in fairly short order that I would never make the ride we had planned, so we shortened up on my account and headed back down the Fireplace Trail, crossing the icy waters of the creek several times.  After skirting the east side of Emanuel Pines, we headed back into The Pines for one more little loop, and after riding 6.5 miles called it quits for the day.

Now, back to my chain.  Last week while riding, I got a bad case of chain-suck, and my chain got a twisted link.  So Friday afternoon I took it to one of our local bike shops for another chain.  While I was there, the tech said that my chain was long enough that he could just take out he offending link and all would be good.  15 minutes and $16 later, I left with my bike.  Well, I don’t think that it was coincidence that my chain blew apart the very next time I rode my bike….and now, not only will I have to buy a new chain as I had intended to do on Friday, but now I will have to buy a new rear derailleur as well!

Oh well, the worst day riding is better than a lot of other days!

Prescott Trails are Drying Out….Slowly January 27, 2011

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Rick, Steve, Keith, Dan (a guest rider from Tucson) and I enjoyed a mountain bike ride yesterday afternoon.

We started at the corner of Iron Springs Rd. and Granite Basin Rd. and rode up through Kingswood to the beginning of trail 317.  As we entered Kingswood, I realized that I have left my camelbak in the back of my truck, so I had to hurry back to get it. Doh!  Luckily, the guys waited for me at the trailhead.

As we started the climb up 317 toward the Thumb Butte area, we found several spots in the trail that had not dried out very well, and we a little soft.  Luckily there hadn’t been any horses on it.

When we got to the top where 317 meets 316, we stayed on the 317 and did a clockwise circle that went 317, 315, 386, 316.  Then we headed up the White Rock Trail (318).

Rick, Dan and Keith cleaned all the gnarly rock sections, while Steve and I brought up the rear after not quite making them.  At one point Steve said, “I feel like something is rubbing on my back tire.”  We looked at it and saw that his rear skewer was undone and he was about to have his whole rear wheel fall right out of the frame!

We continued up the White Rock through some spots that still had snow and ice on them to the 332.  On the way down the 332, we had to very large doe mule deer cross right in front of us.  They were big, perhaps with-fawn.

Passing the fireplace, we stayed on the 332 and climbed up towards “The Pines.”  Keith needed to bail, so he took the Fireplace Connector Trail and headed home.  When the 4 of us got to the top, Steve suggested we take the Tatonka Trail.

I love the way Tatonka winds through the boulders and meanders among the pines.  When we got to the Tatonka Connector, we headed down it back toward the part of the 332 that is old railroad bed.

Crossing the 332 at that point, we took the Meadow Trail down toward the creek bottom.  The snow down in the meadow made getting across the creek a challenge!  When we hit the Waterline Trail, we headed down it to the Emmanuel Pines Rd.  and back to our vehicles.

8.75 miles, good company, and as always a great time!

Lawyers, Bikes, and Landowners January 26, 2011

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It always amazes me when I hear about a mountain biker taking legal action aka. suing, a land owner after they have injured themselves while riding on the landowner’s property.

I guess  good personal injury lawyer (if there is such a thing) can dig around and come up with something that the landowner did or didn’t do that made it unsafe for the mountain biker….but hey, mountain biking is unsafe to start with!

Bicycle magazine just ran an article about lawmakers in Colorado that are trying to change that.  The article is here.

Can you imagine….you rolling through some sweet single track, and come up on a corner that you can’t make at the speed you are carrying, so you swing wide, and meet a tree with your face…..how is that the landowner’s fault??

It’s a ridiculous, litigious society we live in.

The “B” is for Blowout October 27, 2010

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Wilderness B.  The B is for Blowout, as in the escalation of feelings about this issue.

I am not going to go on and on about it, or even define it.  Look it up.

I will say that I wholeheartedly agree with the move for the new designation to allow mountain bikes in some parts of the wilderness.

Outside magazine addresses it in an article this month too.  Take a look.

WORLD Champion to Race in Prescott July 8, 2010

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That’s right folks, our little 12 Hours At Night mountain bike endurance race has attracted the 2009 25-and-under World Solo 24 Hour Champion and KHS team rider Taylor Lideen!

Taylor was here last year to use our event as a training race for the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships (where he took 3rd), but had to withdraw after 5 laps because he was tearing open the fresh stitches in the palm of his hand.  He had the fastest time through those 5 laps with a 1 min. 25 sec. lead over Vassago team rider Zach Stanford.

Word is that Stanford (a Prescott local) will be back to defend his impressive Male Solo division win from last year.  Click here for last year’s results.

Can you say SHOOT OUT?

12 Hours At Night Welcomes Ergon May 3, 2010

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We are very happy to announce that Ergon is on board with us as a sponsor for the upcoming 12 Hours At Night endurance mountain bike ride.

Bike ergonomics is an extremely complicated endeavor and requires knowledge across different disciplines. The development team at Ergon is made up of specialists in various areas; there are bike experts, racers, sports scientists, ergonomics experts, engineers and industrial designers.

Check out the Ergon blog too.

2010 Whiskey Off Road April 25, 2010

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The weather was perfect for the Whiskey Off Road here in Prescott, AZ.

Rumor has it that there were nearly 1000 riders signed up to race in one of the 3 distances.  Because of the name of the race, the different lengths are called proofs.  The 15 Proof, the 25 Proof, and the punishing 50 Proof.

I raced in the 25 Proof again this year with the goal of breaking the 3:30 barrier (it has been a barrier to me anyway!).  If I get the time and energy, I will write a complete blow by blow account of my experience on the race course, but for now, I will just tell you that I am very happy to have broken through and recorded a personal best time of 3:27 (keep in mind that I am only a weekend warrior, and am also 47 years old!)….oh and the 25 Proof is really a little over 28 miles!

There were many pros that showed up for this event, which meant there were going to be some killer times laid down.  Tinker Juarez showed up too!

Epic Rides is the company that produces the Whiskey Off Road, and they have turned it into a huge event that really brings people to Prescott, where they usually spend at least one night on the famous Whiskey Row taking in the flavor of our wonderful city.

The Epic Rides results page is HERE and they say they will have photos up soon as well.

I hope that some of the folks that came and raced this weekend will return in July for the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike endurance ride.

Judge Closes Trails to Mountain Bikers April 9, 2010

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Get ready mountain bikers, because here comes a firestorm!

In Montana, mountain bikers just lost some fantastic biking to a lawsuit brought about by hikers.

Here is the whole story.

Mountain bikers are finding out that other groups are also attacking their trail privileges.  Recently on a local level, equestrian groups have asked the Forest Service to close all Non-Motorized Use trails to mountain bikers as well.

Are you kidding me?

Sneek Peek at GORD 2010 Results March 20, 2010

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Well, another successful Go! Off Road Duathlon is in the books.

A HUGE thank you to all you racers and our World Class Volunteers!

Here are Preliminary Results by Age Group and Division.  Comprehensive results including the splits will be available in a few days.

Age Group Race Report  for Male 12-19 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 191 Jordan Thomas 1:28:04 12 Prescott
Age Group Race Report for Male 20-29 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 136 Cody Rients 1:14:51 27 Tempe
2 133 Mike Norris 1:19:16 29 Scottsdale
3 159 Kyle Clonts 1:27:37 28 Gilbert
4 152 Jonathan Goit 1:28:51 27 Queen Creek
5 174 Derek Burr 1:29:30 22 Phoenix
6 148 David Miller 1:45:19 25 Scottsdale
Age Group Race Report for Male 30-39 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 180 Jason Lohman 1:05:58 38 Prescott Valley
2 177 Christopher Brandon 1:09:30 37 Phoenix
3 153 Mauricio De los Santos 1:09:59 33 Grand Terrace  CA
4 173 Jared Burr 1:10:30 31 Phoenix
5 139 Brian Stinson 1:10:36 38 Chandler
6 176 Matt Leal 1:15:05 37 Chandler
7 178 Kevin Richardson 1:17:25 34 Queen Creek
8 154 Jeff Strom 1:17:34 31 Buckeye
9 158 Jason Pusheck 1:19:58 36 Gilbert
10 179 Dylan Power 1:24:24 37 Phoenix
11 142 David DeLorenzon 1:27:03 36 Phoenix
12 175 Jay Crawford 1:27:19 32 Gilbert
13 103 Fabian Carballo 1:28:40 32 Colton CA
14 114 Jeffrey Knigt 1:29:10 38 Queen Creek
15 107 Tony Principato 1:30:34 31 Las Vegas
16 105 Matt Ashcraft 1:34:35 37 Gilbert
17 132 Ken Skinner 1:34:42 37 Prescott
18 106 Gary Sharp 1:38:30 33 Las Vegas
19 165 Shane Phelps 1:42:03 30 Scottsdale
20 181 Matthew Simon 1:42:46 37 Phoenix
21 143 James Charles 1:47:47 39 Goodyear
22 166 Shawn Barricklow 1:53:43 37 Queen Creek
Age Group Race Report for Male 40-49 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 119 Dave Marks 0:58:15 45 Phoenix
2 188 Chris Bray 1:03:47 41 Prescott
3 187 John Shumaker 1:06:05 40 Prescott
4 184 John Nadeau 1:10:24 40 Scottsdale
5 125 Kent Keegan 1:10:46 47 Prescott
6 145 Hollon Kinney 1:11:14 47 Phoenix
7 194 Kevin Perlak 1:13:23 41 Prescott
8 150 Mark Heisler 1:13:30 44 Phoenix
9 163 Michael Cruylo 1:31:55 44 Shaumburg IL
10 169 Joel Medrano 1:31:58 41 Buckeye
11 182 Rex Stepp 1:33:47 46 Phoenix
12 162 Russell Homewood 1:35:52 45 Mesa
13 104 Greg Stephens 1:37:21 40 Phoenix
14 185 Mark Lieber 1:38:08 40 Fountain Hills
15 167 Brad Jaffe 1:40:29 42 Phoenix
16 101 Brendt Tuttle 1:41:00 45 Tempe
17 172 Brent Orm 1:44:57 42 Scottsdale
18 138 Robin Grenko 1:48:02 49 Phoenix
19 117 Dan Munsell 1:52:18 48 Prescott Valley
Age Group Race Report for Male 50 and Over in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 164 Brian Rens 1:15:39 54 Prescott
2 183 Harry Zulch 1:16:32 50 Phoenix
3 134 Robert Coombs 1:18:56 54 Prescott
4 130 Mike Culver 1:29:20 53 Mesa
5 170 Larry Phillips Sr. 1:37:08 60 Waddel
6 128 Gary Ford 1:42:02 53 Cave Creek
7 124 Daniel Ford 2:17:43 51 Rio Verde
Age Group Race Report for Female 20-29 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 116 Josie Allenn 1:20:59 29 Flagstaff
2 135 Rachel Williams 1:34:07 25 Phoenix
Age Group Race Report for Female 30-39 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 120 Windy Marks 1:06:14 35 Phoenix
2 111 Vicky Maes 1:16:33 36 Tucson
3 186 Emily Streeter 1:17:48 34 Prescott
4 109 Brigid O’Neil 1:20:28 39 Phoenix
5 168 Tina Ooley 1:22:20 37 Prescott
6 149 Shawna Yost 1:29:21 36 Queen Creek
7 195 Catherine Metz 1:30:11 34 Chino Valley
8 156 Kristie Dodge 1:33:46 36 Prescott Valley
9 190 Rachel McClellan 1:34:24 34 Prescott
10 192 Lynette Unger 1:34:28 37 Prescott
11 110 Laureen Maurer 1:39:41 38 Scottsdale
12 121 Jennifer Ford 1:42:04 32 Scottsdale
13 137 Elizabeth Hamilton 1:44:18 31 Phoenix
14 141 Jill Kyle 1:46:23 37 Phoenix
15 161 Melissa Homewood 1:50:08 34 Mesa
16 193 Amy Suttles 1:58:50 36 Lubbock TX
17 157 Lisa Reed 2:12:32 38 Gilbert
Age Group Race Report for Female 40-49 in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 129 Vickie Nelson 1:11:11 40 Phoenix
2 140 Sandy Scrimgeor 1:16:07 45 Prescott
3 146 Rhea Stinemetz 1:28:13 43 Phoenix
4 144 Robin Ryer 1:31:10 48 Prescott
5 189 Shelly Klein 1:32:51 43 Prescott
6 108 Dana Hogan 1:36:44 46 Sierra Vista
7 155 Pam Lusk 1:39:31 43 Sedona
8 147 Charla Paynter 1:45:18 45 Scottsdale
9 151 Jennifer Heisler 1:47:01 46 Phoenix
10 102 Patricia Tuttle 1:54:18 45 Tempe
11 171 Wendy Orm 1:55:39 43 Scottsdale
12 123 Sharon Brown 2:17:42 46 Rio Verde
13 118 Tonya Wilkinson 2:29:26 40 Gilbert
Age Group Race Report for Female 50 and Over in division Solo
Place Bib # Name Time Age City
1 131 Kathy Culver 1:36:16 50 Mesa
Overall Race Results for the 2 Person Relay Division
Place Bib # Team Name Time City
1 72 Blood  Sweat & No Gears 1:06:27 Flagstaff
2 81 Lust for Becker 1:06:53 Prescott
3 73 BFC Racing 1:09:32 Phoenix
4 66 Cuz I Tri (or Du) 1:11:42 Mesa
5 71 Bowell & Borries 1:12:50 Prescott
6 78 FreakFactor/Save Pluto 1:19:38 Tempe
7 82 Cabo Dom 1:20:00 Phoenix
8 80 Phoenix Police Athletic Club 1:23:01 Glendale
9 76 The Pwntato Chips 1:23:34 Scottsdale
10 79 JOnnyMo 1:25:02 Prescott
11 74 CB Performance 1:29:23 Prescott
12 68 Adams Family 1:32:11 Maricopa
13 67 Minivans are Awesome 1:39:30 Chino Valley
14 69 The Fearless Wonders 2:12:45 Prescott

If you see anything in these results that you don’t think is correct, please let us know immediately so we can look into it.

12 HAN Gets Another New Sponsor February 27, 2010

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One of our contributing sponsors for the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike race is going to be The Singletrack Store.

They are purveyors of the MagicShine 900 lumens light kit, that you will see many of the competitors at the 12 Hours At Night using to get them through the hours of darkness.

The Singletrack Store will be providing our universal charging station as well as some Magicshine chargers.  They will also have kits on hand to purchase.

Prescott Duathlon Needs Volunteers February 22, 2010

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Prescott, Arizona – The Go! Off Road Duathlon is to be held on March 20th, and is in need of volunteers to do a multitude of jobs on and off the course in order to make the race a fun and safe event for all the participants.

The race is in triathlon format, except there is a run in place of the swim, and it all takes place on trails!  It starts with a 1.5 mile trail run, then a 8.2 mile mountain bike ride, followed by a 2.2 mile trail run.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please visit the link above to visit the race site.

New Fork for My Ride – Rock Shox Tora 302 February 22, 2010

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I just had a Rock Shox Tora 302 Uturn installed on my bike.  I can’t wait to get out and give it a good testing, but it looks like I will have to, as it snowed all day here.

My original stock fork was starting to wallow out to where it felt like the headset was loose.  The shocks still worked fine though.

I ride a 2004 Specialized FSR xcPro that came stock with an Axel 100mm travel fork.  This Rock Shox Tora is adjustable from 85mm to 130mm, has a lock out, and rebound adjustment.

It looks great on the bike, feels good just riding around my neighborhood, but I really want to get out there and give it a good test ride.

After I have had it a while, I will post a review of it here.

Group Ride on Thumper Loop February 20, 2010

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Yesterday a group of us drove over to Cottonwood and into the Dead Horse Ranch State Park to ride a trail people call Thumper Loop.

There are 120+ members of the Prescott Mountain Biking facebook group now, so when a group ride event is posted, someone always shows up!  Yesterday was no different.

Some of us carpooled, and others just met there at the park.  When we got there, the Park Ranger who built the Thumper Trail met us and directed us up to a different trailhead.  This caused some confusion, and we found out later that some of the group didn’t find us.   All in all we had about 17 or 18 people show up to ride.

Prescott Mountain Biking Group Ride

The Thumper Loop Ride is really made up of 3 trails.  The Lower Raptor Trail is a 2 mile climb out of the Verde River valley up onto the plateaus to the northeast.  Then it connects to the Thumper Trail which is a raucous romp southward that has multiple small drops and one section of rowdy drops.

Then we turned onto the Lime Kiln Trail and headed back down toward the Park.  This trail has a few really fun drops and surprises in store as well, including some crazy exposures and one last big drop right before the road.

Steve on the last drop

We took a Park trail back up to the trail head where the loop began, regrouped, then did the whole loop again!  Awesome!

GORD Course is in Good Shape February 10, 2010

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Several of us went out and rode the course for the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon or GORD this last weekend.

The first running leg is 1.5 miles. The first third of that leg is on wide track trail that is part of the Brownlow Trail system in Pioneer Park.  The other two-thirds is on single track trail that winds through the pinon, juniper and scrub oak trees.

The second leg of the race is he mountain 8.1 mile mountain biking leg.  It too incorporates wide track and single track, but it is no walk in the park, it has about 900′ of climbing and some challenging twisty single track on the north end of the park.

The final leg of the GORD is another trail running leg of 2.2 miles.  It starts out on single track, and ends with almost a mile of the wide track trail to allow racers to not have to concentrate so much on foot placement, but just let the dogs run.

There has been a lot of rain and snow here in the last month, so we didn’t know what kind of shape the trails would be in.  To our pleasant surprise, the single track is in as good a shape as I have ever seen it.  Some sections of the wide track are going to need some dragging, there are some places where the water washed a bunch of sand down over it, and a few fairly deep ruts.

With the race still five weeks away, I will be riding it many more times.

Group Ride on the BCT February 7, 2010

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Last Saturday a bunch of us from Prescott drove down from our snow covered enclave to warmer and dryer pastures.

We met at the Table Mesa trailhead on the Black Canyon Trail (BCT) to do an out and back to the south toward the Emery Henderson trailhead on New River Road.

By the time everyone arrived, the twenty or so riders we expected had ballooned by word of mouth to thirty four!

This was one HUGE group ride!

The rains the week before had left the trail a perfect tackiness, and we had some cloud cover as we climbed about 600′ over the first 2 miles or so.

The group naturally split up into various smaller groups, with the hammer-heads out front, and us intermediates in the middle and some of the more tentative or less experienced in the back.

Everyone re-grouped at the big saddle and headed down across the Doe Spring access road and on toward the top end of the Boy Scout Loop.

We regrouped again at the north side of a climb over a saddle just before the trail junction at Boy Scout Loop.  Here, about half of us decided to go ahead and do the loop, while the rest chose to head back to the north.

We climbed up and over the saddle, descended a fairly technical section of narrow single track, and found ourselves at the trail junction.  We decided to do the loop in a counter-clockwise direction.   I had my GoPro Hero video camera mounted on my bars, and took this video of this section.  Of course by the time I figured out how to turn it on, I was on the trail alone.

The day ended up being perfect for riding, temp about 60°F and the sun came out for the second half of the ride.

We did about 14 miles that day, no one got hurt, and all 34 riders had a great day on the bike!

And Then There is Epic Mountain Biking…… January 27, 2010

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Here in Arizona we have a fellow named Chad Brown who is and Endurance Mountain Biker.  I really like reading his blog because he does Bikepacking trips of epic proportion on a regular basis.

His blog is fittingly called Bikepacking and Endurance Mountain Biking.

Check it out.  He has great commentary and superb photos of parts of Arizona that most people never see.

Helmet Cam – Out with the Old and In with the New January 27, 2010

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We just bought a new helmet cam to replace the old and cumbersome bullet cam that required one to carry a camcorder in your backpack.

The bullet cam setup was all that there was until fairly recently, so I shouldn’t complain.  But it was tedious to get set up correctly and to operate.  It plugged into a battery pack that plugged into a camcorder.  You had to make sure that the camcorder was powered up and on the correct setting and then stash it in your backpack . After it is in, you hope you don’t bump it and turn it off or unplug one of the wires.  Then there was the remote control cable….is the camera in record mode? Is it paused?  Is it out of tape?  Who could tell from just a little flashing (or not) light by the button?

Then came the transferring of the video (if you actually got anything useful) to the computer.


The camera we just bought is a GoPro Hero Wide Angle.  It is self-contained, digital, has a viewfinder so you can see what you will see as you set it up.  When you are finished recording, it plugs right into your computer via USB port and Presto! Our camera is not the HD version.  We hope to move up to that someday.

It has snowed a lot here lately, so we haven’t actually used it yet, but hope to get out soon and bring back some usable helmet or handlebar video.

Want To Be a Better Mountain Biker? January 22, 2010

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I just found an in depth guide to learning and honing your mountain biking skills.

The Complete MTB guide – Julien Lallemand has created a very detailed and illustrated guide to mountain biking.  All the content is on the California ARA site for new and experienced racers to use.

This has something for everyone who either wants to be a mountain biker, or is already and wants to improve.

No MTB in Prescott for a while January 22, 2010

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Things are going to be way to muddy to ride for quite a while here.  In the last 24 hours we have been dumped on with snow and rain totaling over 4″ of precipitation.

The mountains have up to 2′ of snow on them, and it will be close to a month before it melts off in the shade of the pine trees.  It looks like we will have to head to the desert to ride for a while.

Date Set for 12 Hours at Night in 2010 October 24, 2009

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We have been given the approval for the 12 Hours at Night mountain bike ride and relay in 2010 in Prescott, AZ.

It will be on July 17th into the 18th.  Mark your calendar!

We are still a long way out at this point, so we don’t have any registration prices or times set.

New Thompson Seat Post for my Mtb October 23, 2009

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A few weeks ago I noticed that my seat post was bent.  I know, I know….It could have broken at any moment and caused a crash or worse, I could have impaled myself on it!

So today, I went to the local bike shop that carries Specialized, thinking I would just get a replacement for the stock seat post that had served me and my FSR-xc Pro so well these last 5 years.  They didn’t have it, nor did they have ANY seat post of the right diameter! So much for thinking……….

My next stop should have been my first stop as it turns out.  I went to the LBS that is a sponsor of one of our events, the GORD.

High Gear Bike Shop had the right size seat post in a Thompson Elite SP-E128SB.

I went for a ride on it this afternoon, but cannot report anything other than it did not break or bend.  I will however report back on it in about a year.

9 Miles on a Mountain Bike October 23, 2009

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I just got back from an afternoon ride.  I am not a fan of riding alone, so I went to Pioneer Park to ride some of the single track in the Brownlow Trail system thinking that if something happened and I needed assistance that someone would be close by and I could get their attention. According to my bike computer, the temperature when I started riding was 71°….perfect!

The 3 mile loop that rode was about 2.5 miles of single track and the other half a mile of the Brownlow wide track.  It was so much fun, that I decided to just continue to ride the same loop.  In the 9 miles that I managed to put in before it was getting dark, I only saw 4 people on the trails.

Date Set for the 2010 GORD October 23, 2009

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We have just finalized dates and permits for the 2010 Go! Off Road Duathlon to be held once again in Prescott, Arizona in the spring.

The race date is March 20, 2010.  Race registration will open on November 15th, and will close when we have 150 entries or on race day whichever comes first.


For all the information about the GORD visit the race web page.  You can also look in the tag cloud to the left and click on GORD to see all the posts that have the race tagged in them.  This includes results from the 2009 event so you know what to shoot for!

New Trail 317 September 3, 2009

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I just got back from an evening ride with Hal, Steve, and Robert that included a new trail that just opened this week.  Trail 317

We started out in The Pines, and then took 332 from the Fireplace up to where White Rock Trail crosses it.  From here we headed east on White Rock and followed it past the junction with that knarly Fireplace Connector Trail and on down toward the Thumb Butte Park.  When we hit the next intersection, we took a left as if we were going to go down the Longs Canyon Trail, but instead, took a left onto the brand new Trail 317 (no local name yet).

This new trail is a real blast!  It follows the contours and very slowly descends along the west side of Longs Canyon, then tops the ridge and takes a more westerly heading down into the Kingswood subdivision, where it comes out at the very top end of Windy Walk Lane.  The trail is very well routed, and has a nice flow to it.  Sure, right now it has all the choppiness that new trails have due to the cutting with McLeods, but soon with just a few weeks of use, it will be fantastic!  It also offers up some wonderful views north of Granite Mountain and the San Francisco Peaks.

I highly recommend this new trail to mountain bikers of intermediate skill level, and hikers of all levels (well, except you Bodine……you know why!)

Adventure Racing August 13, 2009

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I just read a new article on Adventure Racing and thought I would pass it along.

The Lakeshore Trail August 13, 2009

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Steve and I decided to go try out the new Lakeshore Trail at Watson Lake.

It takes off of the Peavine Trail at mile marker 1, and meanders through the giant rocks that are the Granite Dells of Prescott.

We soon found out that this trail is highly technical, and (for us anyway), involves as much hike-a-bike as it does riding.  There are some really fun sections where you ride right up and over some of the large granite formations, but there are also some places that are more suitable for a trial specialist.

Steve rides down a granite face.

Steve rides down a granite face.

The afternoon was perfect, as the temperatures had dropped to about 80°, and the sun was low in the West.  Chris at the City of Prescott had done a lot of work to make this trail a reality, and we enjoyed exploring it.

Dave crossing one of the smooth granite creek bottoms.

Dave crossing one of the smooth granite creek bottoms.

The trail took us out into and amongst the towering orange granite boulders.

Doing my best trials rider impression.

Doing my best trials rider impression.

There were several places that required maintaining a narrow line along a ridge of granite, and because I don’t usually ride super technical stuff, I found it pretty difficult, and sometimes scary.  This photo is the close up of the one above.

Steve noted that it was very hard to get into any kind of a rythm, because the terrain was so choppy that it was hard to get a flow going.

This trail was fun to go try, but really wasn’t my cup o’ tea for a couple of reasons.  First, I am a whimp when it comes to stuff that looks like I may break a bone or two (this has to do with the required recovery time and medical bills), and Secondly, I prefer a ride that keeps the cardio going and isn’t stop and start.

I am sure that there are some studly riders out there that can ride this whole trail in one shot, I am just not one of them!

For those of you that think that Willow Dells is too easy, or has been dumbed down for us whimpy riders, come try this one on for size!

Steve and Me on the Lakeshore Trail

Steve and Me on the Lakeshore Trail

12 Hours At Night Results July 21, 2009

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Here is the link to the results for the inaugural 12 Hours At Night mountain bike relay and endurance event.


One thing to take note of on the results sheet, is that Taylor Lideen was on a torrid pace when the stitches in the palm of his hand started to tear out, and he was forced to drop out after posting the fastest time for the first 5 laps.

He is trying to heal up so he can race in a big endurance event is a couple of weeks.  I really would have liked to see how many laps he could have put on the board.  We hope to see Taylor back here next year to see what he can do.

We also have some photos posted on our Shutterfly page, check them out!

The morning after 12 Hours At Night July 19, 2009

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We put on the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike ride last night, and it went so smoothly that it was scary!

The riders seemed to have a great time, we have the best volunteers you could ask for, and there were no injuries.

Results will be posted in the next couple of days, but I can tell you that the top lap count was 17 laps at 8.2 miles per lap…..yep, that is riding 140 miles on dirt trails on a mountain bike…AT NIGHT!!

Congratulations to everyone that came out and raced.

Thank you to all the super volunteers that made it happen.

Course is Marked for the 12 HAN July 10, 2009

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I went out this morning and lightly marked the course for next weekend’s 12 Hours At Night mountain bike ride.

The course is marked with white sprayed chalk arrows on the ground.  Feel free to pre-ride it to get a feel for the flow, although it is a whole different animal at night with only headlights to show you the trail!

On race day night, we will mark it with much more authority.  The chalk will be flowing, and we will also have white flagging along the course.

Temps should be about 80° to start, and then cooling to 60° through the night……….summertime perfection!

12 Hours At Night Gaining Momentum June 2, 2009

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Entries are coming in……..

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12 Hours At Night Mountain Bike Ride

I am pleased to announce that in addition to REI and CLIF bar, our newest sponsors are Road ID, and Honest Tea.

Mad Mud Run in Las Vegas May 27, 2009

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Last weekend, Tracie and I had the pleasure of travelling up to Las Vegas to help out at the Mad Mud Run put on in Summerlin by Sierra Adventure Sports.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, and while Tracie helped Kim and Carla with registration and package pickup at the local REI store, Rick and I went out to finish marking the course.  Rick had already spent most of the day marking part of the course and making sure that hay bales had been dropped off in the right place, and most importantly, that the 50′ long mud pit had been dug out and filled with topsoil and water.

Rick and I went out onto the desert part of the course and marked arrows on the ground with white flour.  He took me on a tour of the whole event, so that in the morning I could be of assistance making sure that things were set up and people were where they were supposed to be.

When that was done, we met Kim and Tracie for dinner at Gordon Biersch restaurant and brewery for dinner.  Their garlic fries are the best!

The next morning we met at the race site at 5:00am to get things ready for the 8:00am start.  Dave and Windy had driven up from Phoenix to help out as well, and we all met up at the crack of dawn.  Dave and I went to assemble the wall and the over-under obstacles, while Windy ran the course so she would be familiar with it and where the balance beams (her station) were going to be.  Rick put out cones with directional arrows, while Kim, Carla and Tracie got the race headquarters and check-in area ready to go.

Just before 7:00am, Kim put the final touches on the Mud Puppy course (it is the short obstacle course for kids), and then the participants started pouring in.  I took a photographer on a tour of the course so he could see where he wanted his staff to shoot, and when I got back I couldn’t believe how many people were in line to register!!

Rick announced that the race would start in waves, and called the first racers to the line while I got the fire hose ready to give them a good soaking shower in the first 100 feet of the race.  After we got all 3 waves of racers started and out on the course, we had a few minutes of welcome down time, but not long!

The first finishers started to arrive about 7:30, and Jeff and I were at the front of the mud pit trying to make sure that racers didn’t dive into the mud, but crawled in and stayed on their belly under the flags the whole way through.

It was a very fun event to be a part of, and Tracie and I were grateful that Rick had asked us to help out.  The community of Summerlin was out in force, and they really enjoyed themselves.

Rumor has it that in October Summerlin will be hosting another of Rick’s Mad Mud Runs, mark you calendar!

North American Rogaine Championships (Orienteering) May 27, 2009

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Ray and I decided at the last minute to enter the 8 hour Rogaine that was part of the North American Rogaine Championships put on by the Tucson Orienteering Club.  We raced as team GO Adventure Recreation.

This endurance orienteering event was held up on the Mogillion Rim northeast of Payson, Arizona.  Along with the 8 hour competition, there were also 12 and 24 hour events.

We arrived at about 8:30am and had just enough time to set out our gear and double check our supplies before maps were handed out at 9:00.  The course would open at 11:00am. This gave us 2 hours to plan our best route in order to maximize our score and still make it back by the 8 hour cut off.  We decided to stay primarily on the east side of the map in the area of Wildcat Canyon.  In looking at the topo map, we could could see that the terrain was steep, and would be slow going in some areas.  There were so many tall ponderosa pines, that we also knew that navigating would not be done by landmarks, but by bearing and distance.

When the course opened we started out to the south at a good brisk hiking pace of 6km/hr.  I had fairly new shoes, but I figured they would be fine.  We found our first control right away, then headed for the second.  On the way to it, I could already feel a little hot spot developing on my heel…..darn.

We got the second control then headed for the third.  On the way to it, I decided I had better change socks and put on a thicker pair. Too late!!  My heel already had a nickel sized blister on it.  Bummer, we were only 3 miles in, and I was already having issues.  I put on my thicker wool socks and tightened up my shoe and off we went.

For the first 3 hours, our navigation was spot-on.  We walked right to every control, until we tried to find the dreaded number 45!  We figured it to be exactly 90° and 500 meters from the intersection of two forest roads on the map, so after we found the intersection, we followed our compasses east for about 500 meters…..nothing!  We walked in big circles….nothing!  We went back up to the center of the ridge and followed it down according to the topography…..still nothing!!  We eventually decided to move on to the next control. Dang it, we had just wasted 30 minutes and missed out on 40 points!

We hiked into a very steep walled canyon that was the main part of Wildcat Canyon toward an 80 point control.  Once in the bottom, we made good time and found the control without any problem.  Our fiasco with #45 now required that we re-evaluate our proposed route.  We would not have enough time to get as many controls as we had originally planned.  So we modified (code for shortened) our intended route.

Somewhere on the way to the next control, my heel blister burst with an agonizing burning feeling and I could feel the liquid in my sock. Yuck!  Oh well, nothing I could do about it now!  And on we went.  Now you might be asking yourself, “Doesn’t he know about moleskin?”  The answer is yes, I do, however, my feet sweat so profusely when I hike that nothing, and I mean nothing will stick to them.  So moleskin is a no-go for me, neither is duct tape, or band-aids, or anything else.

In order to try and shorten this story, I will tell you that we navigated very well the remainder of our day and made it back to the Start/Finish with under five minutes to spare, having scored 790 points and hiked over 21 miles in 8 hours.

The route we took at the Rogaine

The route we took at the Rogaine

We weren’t sure where that ranked us, but have since discovered that 790 points was good enough for 5 place overall, and 1st place in the team division.  That’s right, we are the North American Rogaine Champions (in the 8 hour team event).

The profile of our 8 hour Rogaine

The profile of our 8 hour Rogaine

Road Ride; A Change of Pace for Me May 11, 2009

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Something I hardly ever do is ride a road bike.

This last Saturday I was talked into going on a road ride.  A bunch of us headed out White Spar Rd. at 7:00AM.  We had the whole spectrum of riding abilities in our group, we had two Cat2 riders, two Cat3 riders, a Cat5 rider, and three of us that would fall somewhere below that, all the way down to me.

The strong riders were very patient and stopped and waited for the rest of us to trickle in several times.  When we reached the top at mile marker 305, Paul said he wasn’t feeling so hot, and decided to turn around and make it a day.

From there down through the switchbacks, we all stayed in a pellaton (big word for a mountain biker huh?), and rode at an incredibly fast (for me) speed through those corners.  On the last tight left hand corner I was praying that my tires would hold the line, and we slingshotted out of it and continued at a breakneck descent until we passed the cattleguard and had the climb up to mile marker 298.  When I finally made it to the group, three of them had decided that they would go all the way to People’s Valley before turning around.  Dave and I (no I am not being schitzophrenic) decided we would turn around at the Wilhoit store, and Kent said he would do so as well.  Steve, decided he would go to the Kirkland Junction then head back.

We formed another pellaton for the descent to Wilhoit, and really hammered it to over 43 miles and hour for that section.  Kent and Keith did a sprint in the flats to the next cattleguard, and I sat up and tried to recover before turning into the store.  Dave, Kent and I spent about 10 minutes at the store, refilled our water bottles and started back toward town.

The climb all the way back up to 305 was pretty uneventful, we just rode at the pace that I could sustain, and when we got to the top I was feeling pretty good still.  On the descent into town, a little yellow boxy car went by us, and Kent gave it everything he had to get into the draft of the car.  Dave and I couldn’t catch it, and we watched as Kent and the yellow car disappeared from view.  Dave and I traded places to let each other draft some on the way back into town, and we kept up a pretty good pace.  We pulled into the parking lot at Safeway about 30 seconds after Kent.

All in all it was a good ride, however, I had a terrible headache and my neck muscles were killing me for the entire rest of the day.  I guess it is the position on a road bike that I can’t take.  I have to lift my head up so far to see through my glasses that it just kills my neck.  So, unless I get lasik surgery , I probably won’t be going road riding again anytime soon!

The 2009 Whiskey Off Road April 27, 2009

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The 50 milers had gone off an hour before the 300 of us stacked up behind the starting line for the 25 Proof.  There we were, facing into a strong headwind, ready to tackle the 28 miles and nearly 4000′ of climbing that lay ahead.

The Start

The Start

I spent the first mile or so working my way through the huge group of riders, until there were probably only 50 or 60 ahead of me.  On the way up Copper Basin Rd. there was probably an equal number of those I passed and those who passed me, all battling the headwind and the hill. When we got to the steeps toward the end of the pavement, I worked hard to get up them and passed about 10 or 15 while I only had a group of 5 single speeders and a couple of others go by me.

I caught up to a big group in Camp Perlstein, and then promptly threw my chain of the inside of my front derailleur and watched 10 riders go by as I put the chain back on the ring.  At the start of the 393 singletrack, there was a line of about 30 all bottlenecked up.  While most waited patiently, knowing that there was no place to go, a couple were yelling and trying to ride by everyone else.  Like the one guy behind me said, “That guy is worried that he might only get 200th place instead of 195th!”

First singletrack above Camp Perlstein

First singletrack above Camp Perlstein

Once we were all actually on the 393, it worked itself out and we were all riding along at a good pace, until slannnng!..there went my chain onto bottom bracket again!  Dang!  Another 5 or 6 riders passed while I got my chain back on.  At the Aspen Creek trailhead there was an awesome group of spectators and volunteers yelling and cheering us all onward and upward.

I climbed the new section of trail 48 “Rob’s hill”, and I have to admit that though it adds half a mile to the length of the course, it is much nicer than doing the hike-a-bike from hell that we used to do.  I had a couple of guys go past me on the wide track section at the top, and then caught up with some more riders at the first set of water bars.  No point in trying to pass them, as they were riding about the same speed that I was, and there were 6 or 7 in the group.  After the first section of downhill water bars (there are about 8 of the 1 or 2 ‘ drops in a row), I noticed we were spread out again, and that there was no one close behind me.  The traverse across the backside of Mt. Francis was smooth sailing, but we bunched up again on the last climb.  Many people walked the majority of this section, as passing one rider really accomplished nothing.

As I pushed my bike to the top, I unclamped the seat post and lowered it for the upcoming descent.  I passed 2 riders right away, and then came up on another and told him I would come by on the next available wider section.  I started by and said, “On the left!”, but he moved to the left, and I had to swerve to avoid a collision, and went off trail into and through a bush, but managed to keep moving.  We came to the first steep downhill and I stayed right behind him, not wanting another miscommunication mishap.  On the last big drop at the bottom, he almost went over the bars, and I took that opportunity to go by him.

The 260 was a wicked combination of trail that had been powdered by all the 50 milers and sharp jagged rocks strewn haphazardly, this all on a super fast descent down a steep jeep trail.  There were people all over the place, some with flat tires, some climbing back up onto the trail with their bikes after who knows what sent them over the edge, and one poor guy trying to figure out what to do with a rear derailleur hanging only by its cable.  At one point, I had a guy pass me, and then watched as he bounced off the rocks and right onto the brink of a steep exposure, his feet off the pedals, front wheel swerving all over the place, and somehow he managed to veer back onto the trail instead of sailing off the cliff.  I yelled, “Nice save!”, and he replied, “Holy #$%@, that was close!”

At the bottom, I stopped long enough to raise my seat back up and take a shot of Hammer Gel, then started the climb up the bottom of the canyon toward Aid Station 1.  Part way up, I once again threw a chain…arrgh! Other than the frustration of that, I was feeling pretty good, and kept an even pace until just about 400 yards short of the Aid Station.  I got off and pushed up the nastiest and steepest part, then got back on and rode the last 200 yards.

In my opinion, the toughest part of this entire ride is this next seemingly unending climb up to Thumb Butte Rd.  Halfway up, I started to feel the beginnings of a cramp in my left quad, so I slowed down tried to spin it out…no go.  So I got off and walked for a few minutes until it went away.  Then back on the bike and up, up and up all the way to the Sierra Prieta overlook.  Wow!, the group of spectators and volunteers here was fantastic, it was a great feeling to have just suffered through all that climbing, and have people there helping you celebrate and cheering you on.

I turned onto the singletrack and headed for town.

Looking Down the Rock Garden

Looking Down the Rock Garden

I had one guy go past me early on, but then passed 2 riders before the first steep at turkey track, where there was a guy stopped right in the middle of the hill, in the middle of the trail, changing a tire!  In the next mile of bombing down the ridgeline over lots of loose and jagged rocks, I saw 3 or 4 more people stopped with tire problems, and yet another stopped right in the middle of trail, his bike upside down, working on a flat!!  I had to go around him into a pile of babyheads at breakneck speed, and was lucky to stay on my bike.  At the rock garden, I caught up to 3 riders who were picking their way

Part of the Rock Garden

Part of the Rock Garden

down it with their rear brakes locked up, just skidding down it…..so I just picked a line that allowed me to roll off the steep having just passed all 3 of them.

On the 51, I was big ringing it…just flying past people.  I went past one guy, just before that off camber turn to the left, and soon discovered that the pass had taken me outside of my intended line and that I was carrying too much speed to hold the corner….and there in my way was a big downed tree!  I hammered on the brakes and laid the bike down, scraping up my knee, and breaking my bike computer, but probably saving a taco-ed wheel and an over-the-bars excursion.  I hopped up and was on my way again, pushing hard in the big ring.  Toward the end of the 51, I could feel cramps creeping back into not only both quads now, but my hamstrings as well.  I have been drinking lots of water, and electrolytes….what the heck???

On the 321 singletrack, I had 2 riders pass me, and I passed 4 who were stopped at various points along the short exposed trail.  Then came the dreaded climb up the 323.  I call it “Hell’s Hollow”, because it is tough, and climbs up and out of a little meadow.  It is less than half a mile, but it is loose rock on a steep climb in full sunshine, 20 miles into the ride…..the perfect recipe for big-time suffering.  I rode part, walked part, cramping here and there along the way.  Right after the hill, I got back on and started riding only to have both my legs absolutely lock up.  Both legs had hamstring and quad cramps at the same time!!  All I could do was sit at the side of the trail in agony, while a whole stream of passing riders kindly asked if I was okay.  After 5 or 6 minutes, they subsided enough for me to try again.  I managed to limp along at about 5 mph to the top of the 392 Garden Grove trail.

One of the switchbacks at Garden Grove

One of the switchbacks at Garden Grove

This is one of my favorite sections of trail, so somehow I left my cramps behind and flew down the switchbacks, passing several riders who had slowed way down or stopped to negotiate the 4 hairpin corners.  Out on the wider part the follows the canyon floor, I saw a guy 2 riders ahead of me go down hard, and his bike cartwheeled down the trail.  The guy ahead of me stopped to help, and I asked him if he was okay when I got there.  He said, “I think so,”  so I continued on down.  I caught up to some more riders and someone caught me from behind soon after we were on the section that parallels Thumb Butte Rd.  There were a number of small bottlenecks at some of the more technical sections of this rocky trail, but nothing that was much of a delay at all.

I popped out onto Thumb Butte Road, and shifted into the big ring again.  Two riders came out behind me and one shouted, “Let’s go guys!” as they went by, I tried to jump onto their wheel, but my hamstrings said “Nuh-uh!!” and I soft pedaled as I watched them dissapear ahead of me.  I finally got up to speed, and held a good pace down the hill, despite the fact that there now seemed to be a headwind in this direction too!  How could that be?? .  Near the bottom, where it takes a big sweeping left hand turn, I saw my granddaughter and her mom standing my the side of the road looking for me…I waved and yelled to them as Haley yelled, “Go Grampy!!”  This gave me a boost, and I caught another rider just before the light at Gail Gardner.  I sat in behind him for a few seconds, knowing that the race director had switched part of the course back to one last climb up Park Ave. instead of taking Summit like last year.  After coasting behind for a little rest, I went around thinking I could pull for a minute, but he dropped off and I was alone as I turned onto Park.  When I made the turn onto Glenwood, I shifted into my tallest gear and accelerated.  I was going 30+ mph as I swung wide onto Goodwin, and kept grinding toward the finish line.

Finishing the 2009 Whiskey Off Road

Finishing the 2009 Whiskey Off Road

I could hear the voices of people I know cheering as I entered the chute, and finally rolled across the line 3 hours and 31 minutes after the start.

This year’s course was longer than those of previous years, so I couldn’t really compare times.  That being said, I was still 19 minutes faster than last year, and came within 1 minute of my goal of 3:30.  I finished 18th out of 61 finishers in my age division.

It was a great day, and top it off, I didn’t even throw up afterward this year!

12 Hours At Night Mountain Bike Ride! April 21, 2009

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It’s official, the 12 Hours At Night is now up and open for registration.


This is a perfect time too.  The Whiskey Off Road mountain bike race is this weekend, so hopefully plenty of you are finding this blog and reading it.

This is a great way for all you desert dwellers to get up here in July and escape the 120° temps, and spend one cool night riding your bike.

12 Hour Mtb Relay Coming to Prescott, AZ April 18, 2009

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Ok gang, you heard it here first!

Announcing the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike ride!

12hanlogo1 This is next event that we here at GO Adventure Recreation are hosting.  AND…we are doing it in association with Rick Eastman at SierraAdventureSports.com so it is going to rock!

This is an ALL NIGHT mountain bike ride to be held here in Prescott in July.

Yep, you heard me right…..Ride from 8pm to 8am!

This will be for Solo, Duo and 3-Person Teams.  I will announce the official opening of the event for entry VERY SOON!

Riding not Writing April 18, 2009

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I have been doing quite a bit of mountain biking this week, and conversly have not been doing much writing on this blog.

Short recap, with some photos to be posted soon:

Thursday evening, Kent and I braved the super cold and windy weather to ride out behind Thumb Butte.  It was snowing on us at one point!  My front tire threw a rock that went into my rear spokes, and broke yet another of them.  Another trip the the bike shop for repairs.

Whiskey Off Road Newbie Jennifer and I rode two loops of the Camp Perlstein/393 /Copper Basin Rd. from the Aspen Creek trail head on Friday afternoon.  She did much better on the switchbacks the second time, and will do just fine in the Whiskey 15.

Saturday morning, I met up with Jonea who was up here from Phoenix to pre-ride the Whiskey 15.  We rode the 19.5 miles and 2500′ of climbing that is called the 15 mile “fun” ride.  The trails are in pretty good shape, with lots of water crossings because of the spring storms we have had.  I am sure she will do fine on the 15 next week too.

Saturday night, Jonea and I went and did some night riding on the single track trails out at Pioneer Park / Brownlow Trail.  Man, it is a whole different world riding at night, talk about tunnel vision!

Wednesday Night and Whiskey April 9, 2009

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Wednesday evening, Kent and I rode from Thumb Butte up the road (5.7 miles of UP!) to the Skull Valley overlook, then followed the last part of the Whiskey Off Road course back down to the truck.

The ride up was tough.  My legs were already feeling a bit sore (could be a combination of so much riding lately and volleyball on Monday night), and on top of that, we were riding right into a very stiff and cold wind.  We saw a group of 5 mule deer cross in front of us about 4 miles in. We made it to the overlook in 45 minutes, and then took the single track to the east.

The single track still has lots of loose sand and big rocks in it.  Maybe it had a tough winter, or horses have been on it or something, because it is rough.  I kicked some rocks and branches out of the way on the way down in an effort to make it a little more friendly.

When the single track opens up along a ridge into a two track, there is a big pine tree leaning over across the trail.  It is not down on it yet, but it looks like it could come down at any time.  This is on the trail I recently dubbed Turkey Track, because of wild turkeys roosting nearby.

At the bottom of Turkey Track, the Rock Garden Trail starts.  The upper part of this is a two track, and is currently pretty rough.  Lots of loose and sharp rock that takes your front wheel wherever it wants too.  There will be some bloodletting in this section on race day, I guarantee it!

When you actually get to the Rock Garden, it has been cleaned up pretty nicely now. It is nowhere near as bad as it was even on Sunday.  After the Rock Garden, the rest of the trails are in pretty nice shape.  We saw another group of deer right next to the 321, they acted like they didn’t even care that we were there. Someone has even come in and cut the huge tree out of the way that was down on the bottom of the Garden Grove trail.  There are still 4 wet crossings on that trail however.

The Miller Creek trail was in good shape. That is, as good a shape as it probably can be, with all the unmovable rocks that are in the middle of the trail as it snakes along the creek toward Thumb Butte Park. 3 wet crossings here.

We finished up just before dark, both hot from the ride, and cold from the evap cooling supplied by the strong winds.  12.4 miles, and my hamstrings feel like they are about to pop…

Solo on the Whiskey; I Drink Alone April 6, 2009

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What started out as a group pre-ride of the Whiskey Off Road, ended as a solo trip through the beautiful pines.

Patrick and Jennifer were going to pre-ride the Whiskey 15 on Sunday, and asked if I would come along to show them the course.  Dore’ , Steve and Rob where also along for the ride.  We started in downtown Prescott just like the race does, and headed through town and up Copper Basin Road.  By the time we got to the steeps on Copper Basin, Rob, Dore’ and Steve were long gone.  I hung back with Jennifer and Patrick.  When we hit the end of the pavement, we saw Toby and Katrina getting out of their cars and preparing to ride too.  About halfway up the switchbacks just outside of Camp Perlstein, Jennifer had had enough.  She was feeling sick, so she and Patrick decided to go back.  Toby and Katrina had just gone by us, and now along came Steve and Michelle.  I followed Michelle up the trail, and went by her on the way up and caught up with Steve in the saddle.  I bombed down to Copper Basin just in time to see all the others that were ahead up on the new section of trail that Rob had designed and built.  That means they had decided to ride the 25 instead of the 15.

I rode up it as quickly as I could, meeting Katrina on her way back down with a broken derailleur hanger.  She said she was going to limp back to her car.  Below, I saw Steve and Michelle headed up.  I rode as fast as I could to try and catch the others and after the downhill with the big drops over water bars, I found Toby with a flat tire.  The others were nowhere in sight.  I stopped and visited with Toby while he changed his tire.  Steve and Michelle didn’t appear, and I decided to go back to Copper Basin and just finish the 15, because I knew Toby would be bored to tears waiting for me on the climb out of Copper Creek (either that or he would leave me in the dust!)

I headed back up the trail and cleaned it up as I went, and then when I got out to Copper Basin Road, turned west and made the climb up to the Skull Valley overlook.  I rarely ride by myself, because I just don’t think it is a smart thing to do, but this was actually very peaceful and I was enjoying the solitude.

I stopped at the overlook long enough to start to get cold in the wind, and then headed up the single track that was the back half of the 15.  I had the Whiskey all to myself.

Side note:  The Whiskey 15 is really 19 miles long, and the 25 is really 27+, and the 50 is only 44 miles long!!

I tried to just take it easy on the way down because there are some pretty hairy sections, and in fact I almost ate it just before the turn onto the Rock Garden Trail.  It is rutted and filled with loose rock, and my front wheel had a mind of its own!

When i got to the pavement at Thumb Butte Park, I pushed pretty hard through town and back to the courthouse square.  It took me 50 minutes from the overlook to the square, so in order to meet my goal of 3:30 or faster for the 25, I will have to be at the overlook in no longer than 2:40.  That could be a tough number for me, given my previous problems with the climb out from Copper Creek.  I never did see any of the others that I had started out with…..in fact, I didn’t see any other mountain bikers at all after I left Toby on Trail 48.

Overall, it was a good afternoon on the bike.  I covered 22.6 miles and did a lot of climbing.