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Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride May 6, 2008

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Wow, we had another awesome time this year at the Rosarito to Ensenada fun ride!

7 of us packed into the Suburban with 3 bikes on the back and made the trip down to La Playa de Mision to a rented beach house.  We played on the beach on Friday, then we drove up to Rosarito on Saturday morning where 3 of us got ready to start the 52 mile road ride to Ensenada.

This is no ordinary ride…..there were over 5000 riders, only a few of which were serious about their riding time.  Most of the riders are there for a good time and a fun ride.  There are people in costume, people riding cruisers, mountain bikes, tandems, I passed a guy towing a small trailer with a cooler full of beer on it!  Here is the web site.

One of the most fun parts of the day, comes at the finish line.  There is a MASSIVE fiesta!  $2 Corona beer, and $1.25 fish tacos!  10 of each please!!

We spent Sunday recovering and laying on the beach, and then made the long drive back home on Monday.

This was another successful outing!

Granite Basin Trails March 4, 2008

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The decomposed granite trails in near Granite Basin Lake were absolutely perfect for mountain biking this week.  While most of the other trails around Prescott were still somewhat muddy (some even still have snow on them!), trails 349, 350 & 351 are in super shape.  They are tacky enough that you can really feel the grip of your tires on them.

Seven of us went out for about an hour and a half of medium paced riding the other day.  We climbed up 350 and took 349 to the west.  That portion of 349 is a ton of fun.  The singletrack swoops and scoops down through the pines, where you sometimes feel the bark of a tree graze against your shoulder as you pass.  From there we took the 351 across and back up to the east end of 349 at Cayuse.  We followed the 349 back up to the top where we came into it off the 350 earlier, then pointed our bikes back down the 350 and back to our cars.

Getting out for even a brief  outdoor adventure on my bike is always such a treat!

Day Hike to Summit Half Dome February 25, 2008

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Last June I got to do something I have wanted to do most of my life, Summit the infamous Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The thing that makes it even more memorable (if that is possible) for me is that I got to share the experience with my 18 year old son.

This is not a day hike for the out of shape or inexperienced hiker, let me tell you! The total distance is almost 16 miles with 8000′ of elevation change. We started out at the trail head early in the morning and climbed up and around Vernal Falls, then crossed the river at the top of Nevada Falls. From there it was about another 4 miles to the base of the granite dome. The way to the summit from there is by actually walking right up 400′ of the dome with the assistance of a set of double cables that you hold onto with both hands and walk between them. Many, many people hike all the way up to the cables only let fear (or maybe common sense) take over and they won’t go up the cables. I have to admit it can be a little scary at times, but oh my, is it ever worth it.

We spent some time at the top looking across at Glacier Point, Yosemite Falls, and down, way down, into the Yosemite Valley. It is hard to explain the rush I get from sharing awesome moments like this with my son. Memorable just doesn’t do it justice.

The trip back down the cables can be harrowing, as there are people coming up at the same time, and you have to find a way to safely pass one another without losing your grip on the cables. After reaching the trail again, it should be an easy 7 miles or so back to the trail head right? Wrong. When you have old and beat up knees like mine, going down steep trails is torture. When we got near Nevada Falls again, we took the trail that goes down next to the falls on the east side of them, then winds along and crossed the river just above Vernal Falls again. From here, there are about a gazillion stone steps that take you down right next to the falls. The swirling wind blows the fine mist into a shower for all the hikers, this is a welcome feeling on a hot afternoon!

We made it to the trail head again 8 hours after we started out. That included several stops to rest and refuel, and about 45 minutes at the summit, just enjoying our accomplishment and each other’s company.

That, was a great day.

First Post for the Go! AR weblog February 24, 2008

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Hello anyone out there? This is the first post on what I hope will turn into an interesting weblog about well….lots of things, but first and foremost, I want it to be about Adventure Recreation.

Getting outside and doing something that gets you away from the throngs of civilization can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. That hike up to a hilltop to find a spectacular view into the next valley; or a mountain bike ride up an old forest road that takes you into another era when gold prospectors eeked out a living panning for gold along the rocky creek that you have pedaled to.

It is these exhilarating moments in life that I hope to write about. My business (Go! Adventure Recreation) is about helping people find these wow moments. The few hours “out there” that wash you clean, re-charge and invigorate you….they are what Adventure Recreation is all about.