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12 Hours At Night Results July 18, 2011

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The 2011 12 Hours  At Night endurance mountain bike race in Prescott, AZ is in the books, and we can’t wait for next year!

There are lots of photos posted HERE.  Thanks to Brooke Photography for taking some great photos.  You can definitely tell which are taken by the professional, and which were taken by me. If you ever need photos taken by a pro with an amazing eye for finding the extraordinary shot, use Brooke Photography.

Lap Count Results are:

Place # NamE Total Laps
1 127 Jim Koziol 16
2 101 Zach Stanford 15
3 105 Rich Maines 12
4 107 Mike Park 12
4 113 Brian Roberts 12
6 112 Dan Kuch 11
7 129 Ward Tyczka 10
8 109 James Bliss 9
8 114 Alan Honyestewa 9
9 102 Scott Golden 8
11 104 Richard Sharp 8
12 108 Jim Alred 6
13 106 Phil Ryder 4
14 124 Donald Kavanagh 3
15 111 Gene Argust 3
16 125 David Bush 2
103 Ryan Coates
126 Tom Stack
1 116 Crankin’ for a Spankin’ 12
2 115 Becky Bliss 8
3 117 Sandi Scrimgeour 6
4 128 Sharon Marzonie 4
1 110 GeoManGear 13
2 120 Darren Tsosie 10
3 118 Team Crossfit 7
4 121 David Rowe 6
5 123 Taylor Lideen 5
122 Walt Lopus
1 203 Celtic Cow 15
2 204 Red Energy 13
3 205 How Much Longer!? 11
4 202 Iron Giant 7
5 206 The Burearcrats 6
1 302 Esso Watches Racing 16
2 303 Midnight Cramp Campaign 16
3 305 Sunday Cycles 14
4 304 Sammy’s Road Kill Crew 13
5 301 Team Laughing in the face of RA 12
1 307 One Cog 16
2 309 Waiting for Sunrise 16
3 308 BLVD Bike 12

Full race results and lap times will be posted to the event page in a few days.

GORD Course is in Good Shape February 10, 2010

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Several of us went out and rode the course for the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon or GORD this last weekend.

The first running leg is 1.5 miles. The first third of that leg is on wide track trail that is part of the Brownlow Trail system in Pioneer Park.  The other two-thirds is on single track trail that winds through the pinon, juniper and scrub oak trees.

The second leg of the race is he mountain 8.1 mile mountain biking leg.  It too incorporates wide track and single track, but it is no walk in the park, it has about 900′ of climbing and some challenging twisty single track on the north end of the park.

The final leg of the GORD is another trail running leg of 2.2 miles.  It starts out on single track, and ends with almost a mile of the wide track trail to allow racers to not have to concentrate so much on foot placement, but just let the dogs run.

There has been a lot of rain and snow here in the last month, so we didn’t know what kind of shape the trails would be in.  To our pleasant surprise, the single track is in as good a shape as I have ever seen it.  Some sections of the wide track are going to need some dragging, there are some places where the water washed a bunch of sand down over it, and a few fairly deep ruts.

With the race still five weeks away, I will be riding it many more times.

9 Miles on a Mountain Bike October 23, 2009

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I just got back from an afternoon ride.  I am not a fan of riding alone, so I went to Pioneer Park to ride some of the single track in the Brownlow Trail system thinking that if something happened and I needed assistance that someone would be close by and I could get their attention. According to my bike computer, the temperature when I started riding was 71°….perfect!

The 3 mile loop that rode was about 2.5 miles of single track and the other half a mile of the Brownlow wide track.  It was so much fun, that I decided to just continue to ride the same loop.  In the 9 miles that I managed to put in before it was getting dark, I only saw 4 people on the trails.

Date Set for the 2010 GORD October 23, 2009

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We have just finalized dates and permits for the 2010 Go! Off Road Duathlon to be held once again in Prescott, Arizona in the spring.

The race date is March 20, 2010.  Race registration will open on November 15th, and will close when we have 150 entries or on race day whichever comes first.


For all the information about the GORD visit the race web page.  You can also look in the tag cloud to the left and click on GORD to see all the posts that have the race tagged in them.  This includes results from the 2009 event so you know what to shoot for!

The morning after 12 Hours At Night July 19, 2009

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We put on the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike ride last night, and it went so smoothly that it was scary!

The riders seemed to have a great time, we have the best volunteers you could ask for, and there were no injuries.

Results will be posted in the next couple of days, but I can tell you that the top lap count was 17 laps at 8.2 miles per lap…..yep, that is riding 140 miles on dirt trails on a mountain bike…AT NIGHT!!

Congratulations to everyone that came out and raced.

Thank you to all the super volunteers that made it happen.

Course is Marked for the 12 HAN July 10, 2009

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I went out this morning and lightly marked the course for next weekend’s 12 Hours At Night mountain bike ride.

The course is marked with white sprayed chalk arrows on the ground.  Feel free to pre-ride it to get a feel for the flow, although it is a whole different animal at night with only headlights to show you the trail!

On race day night, we will mark it with much more authority.  The chalk will be flowing, and we will also have white flagging along the course.

Temps should be about 80° to start, and then cooling to 60° through the night……….summertime perfection!

12 Hours At Night Gaining Momentum June 2, 2009

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Entries are coming in……..

Sponsors are signing on……..

Things are shaping up for the………..

12 Hours At Night Mountain Bike Ride

I am pleased to announce that in addition to REI and CLIF bar, our newest sponsors are Road ID, and Honest Tea.

Riding not Writing April 18, 2009

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I have been doing quite a bit of mountain biking this week, and conversly have not been doing much writing on this blog.

Short recap, with some photos to be posted soon:

Thursday evening, Kent and I braved the super cold and windy weather to ride out behind Thumb Butte.  It was snowing on us at one point!  My front tire threw a rock that went into my rear spokes, and broke yet another of them.  Another trip the the bike shop for repairs.

Whiskey Off Road Newbie Jennifer and I rode two loops of the Camp Perlstein/393 /Copper Basin Rd. from the Aspen Creek trail head on Friday afternoon.  She did much better on the switchbacks the second time, and will do just fine in the Whiskey 15.

Saturday morning, I met up with Jonea who was up here from Phoenix to pre-ride the Whiskey 15.  We rode the 19.5 miles and 2500′ of climbing that is called the 15 mile “fun” ride.  The trails are in pretty good shape, with lots of water crossings because of the spring storms we have had.  I am sure she will do fine on the 15 next week too.

Saturday night, Jonea and I went and did some night riding on the single track trails out at Pioneer Park / Brownlow Trail.  Man, it is a whole different world riding at night, talk about tunnel vision!

Seven Riders then Burritos March 10, 2009

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On Monday morning a group of folks who will be racing in the GORD came up to pre-ride the course.  Rick, who runs Sierra Adventure Sports was among them, however he won’t be racing.  Instead Rick is going to be a volunteer and help with the timing.


The fact that he is helping and not racing didn’t keep him off the bike though.  In fact he almost looks like he is having too much fun in this photo!

We rode at a leisurely pace, just enjoying a day on the bikes.  It was windy as all get out though, and that kept it pretty cold out in the open or on exposed ridge lines.

I certainly didn’t want to run the running legs, so the six of them and I rode all three legs of the Duathlon course.  When it was all said and done, we stood talking in the parking lot about the course, and the day’s ride.  Kim kept shaking her head and saying that it hadn’t been a good day for her, but I thought that she did just fine for being a flat lander and suddenly finding out what riding a hill at altitude feels like.

preride1We packed up our gear and loaded the bikes then decided to head into town for some mexican food.  I called Tracie and asked if she wanted to meet us, and happily, she agreed.  Kent also came to lunch.

That made 9 of us: Rick, Kim, Dave (not me, a real athlete), Georgie, Lisa, Laureen, Kent, Tracie and me.

We had a nice lunch and a better visit, and then they headed back to Phoenix with a good idea of what they are in for on Saturday when they arrive to race the GORD.

Four Old Guys and Their Bikes March 8, 2009

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Saturday morning Hal, Kevin, Michael and I met out at the Brownlow Trail to pr-ride the entire Duathlon course.

The trip was dual purpose (how perfect is that for a duathlon?), Michael and his daughter are going to race as a relay team, so it enabled him to get more accustomed to the route, and Hal is going to volunteer for me, so I was able to show him where I need him this Saturday during the event.

Kevin was there just to join us on a nice morning ride.

After riding, we all had time to stop for lunch in town.  Thanks guys!

Day Hike on the GORD course March 5, 2009

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This afternoon Tracie and I took our youngest granddaughter, Brynn on a hike.

Yes, it was only a mile and a half, but for her little 5 year old legs it was a good long way.  True to form, she was her same happy-go-lucky self the whole way.  She carried a ziplock of goldfish crackers, and tried to identify all the tracks on the trail; horses, bikes and shoes.

The three (actually four, counting our dog Gypsy) of us had a nice walk.    We walked the first running leg of the Go! Off Road Duathlon, which is a nice mix of smooth wide track and a twisty single track.

I think those of you that are going to race in the GORD next week will really like the variety of trails on the course.

Windy Evening on the MTB March 4, 2009

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Tim, Kent and I went on a pre-ride of the GORD mtb leg again tonight, and the wind was howling.

If the you are riding into a 25mph headwind and your computer shows 20mph, are you riding as hard as if you were really going 45mph??  It sure feels like it!

We hammered hard tonight, and got it done it right at 45 minutes.  I really don’t think that many people will do it faster than that on race day.  That doesn’t mean that I think that I am fast or anything, but I know the course and was riding hard. I just can’t imagine anyone doing it in under 40 minutes, so come on you guys…….make me eat my words!

The entries for the event are surprising me a little bit, still zero entries in either male or female 16-18 age group.  Another surprise is that one of the divisions with a lot of entries is female 40-49 age group.  And in one last statistic that makes me scratch my head is that less than 10% of our entries are local to the Prescott Area……hmmmm.

I was glad that Tim came along tonight, as he and his wife have decided to enter in the Relay division in the GORD.

Another Duathlon Pre-Ride March 3, 2009

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Michael, Kent and I rode the mountain biking leg as well as one of the trail running legs of the GORD yesterday after work.

It was pretty mild paced ride, and just a lot of fun to ride and visit with friends.  I hadn’t seen Michael in over a month.  During the ride, Michael said that maybe he and his daughter would team up and do the GORD as a relay team, and just a minute ago, he called to make sure there was still room in the event to enter!

We rode until almost dark, doing about 10 miles.

Mountain Biking Leg on the GORD February 25, 2009

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Kent and I went to Pioneer Park this evening to ride the 8.1 mile mountain biking leg for the GORD.

We rode pretty hard, but we didn’t really pound it, and ended up doing it in 47:32.  I think that if I rode it hard, I could probably do it in 45:00 flat, but that would be tops for me I am pretty sure.  I am thinking that the fastest time on the bike during the event will be in the area of 4o minutes.  I really don’t see how it could be done much faster than that.

So for all of you out there that are signed up to compete in the GORD, you can count on spending at least 40 minutes on the mountain biking leg.

Du Course is Drying Out Finally February 24, 2009

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This afternoon I went to Pioneer Park and hiked the two different trail running legs for the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon.

The sun was out and it was a beautiful 73 degrees.  In the next few days, I hope to get to the mountain biking leg as well.  It has more north facing slopes, so it is probably not as dry as the running legs are.  I just hope that equestrians have stayed off of it during the very wet last couple of weeks, as the horses put huge holes into the trail so it feels like washboard to ride.

Mountain Biking the Brownlow Trails January 14, 2009

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This afternoon Nate, Tim and I went out to Pioneer Park to ride the GORD course but backwards.  It is now all dried out and in really good shape.  If I go out there (and hopefully get more of you out there) a few more times before the event, the bike course should be in tip top shape.

In the post before this one, I uploaded the course map for anyone that wanted or cared to see.  I know it is archaic looking with highlighter and handwriting, so I will work on something that looks a little more professional.

The race is 2 months from today, and entries are trickling in.  Remember, it will cost you an extra $5 if you wait much longer!

Tim said he and his wife might run it as a relay team….cool!

Hiking with Haley at Pioneer Park October 8, 2008

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Today was a real treat.  Because school is on fall break, I had the opportunity to take my oldest granddaughter for a hike.  We went out to the Pioneer Park/Brownlow Trail to hike the 2 running legs of the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon (GORD).  The first leg is 1.5 miles that includes some of the wide smooth trail, and some less traveled single track.  I wondered how it would go when about half a mile into it Haley was asking how much longer it would be!  My response to that was that we were doing great and would soon turn back toward the truck.  This seemed to satisfy her, and we finished the first loop without much trouble.

We took a potty break (that’s Grampy talk), and had a CLIF bar while we were at the truck.  Then we headed out to do the 2.2 mile loop.  This loop also uses single track and the wider smoother trails that are out there.  When Haley kept wanting to stop and “rest” (we were going at a very easy pace even for her), I had to break out the story of the tortoise and the hare.  After that, it was smooth sailing!  She just wanted me to keep telling her stories while we hiked.  This worked fine, as she had her mind on the story and not how far we had gone or how far we had yet to go.  When we completed the second loop, she was surprised that is was already over.

All in all, it was a great way to spend the morning.  I am extremely proud of my little hiker girl, as we covered the 3.7 miles in about 90 minutes of hiking.  She is a trooper, and I hope to get her out again soon, if not hiking, then on her bike!

New Prescott Multisport Event September 26, 2008

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Announcing an all new event for the Prescott area.

The event is called the Go! Off Road Duathlon (GORD), and it will be
held on Saturday March 14th, 2009. The approval for this event just
came down, so we wanted to give you all a chance to put it on your

Brought to you by us at GO! Adventure Recreation LLC. Having produced the Gilmore Adventure Race for the last 7 years, this is our first try at putting on a duathlon, and it will be Prescott’s first off road duathlon.

Although not open for registration yet, details on length and course
route will be posted as soon as we have them nailed down.

You have to be out of your GORD to race in this one!