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I Miss Getting Out August 1, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation.
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My time on the bike was very limited in the month of July.  One of my beloved Aunts slipped away into the netherworlds after almost 84 years hear with us.  I am not sad, but happy for her.  She asked me every time I spoke to her in the last few months to pray that she could go join her loving husband in heaven.

She had no children.  My father was her baby brother.  Ergo, I am the kin that she has asked to be the Executor of her will and Trustee of her trust.  This monumental task is what has eaten up the month of July.

I miss getting out.  I miss the peacefulness of the forest.

While tag surfing tonight, I came upon this blog.  Nicely written, in fact, I wish I had written it, because it describes almost to the tee, exactly my position on why I ride.

Maybe Sunday afternoon………………