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Friday Morning on Trail 305 October 26, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking, trails.
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On Friday morning, I met my friend Pat at the campground at Lynx Lake so we could go on a mountain bike ride.  We took the 305 south through the campground, and then continued across and up the hill toward the hilltop campground.  The trail here is really nice single track through pines.  Continuing south on 305 we rolled through a bunch of ups and downs, the majority of them being ups as we were climbing up towards Walker.  There are some places on this trail that are pretty technical, and Pat has not had a lot of experience on technical trails, so it took some encouragement to get him to go ahead and ride them….and he did ride most of them.

Pat's climbing.....

....and still smiling!

Nice trails...

It's me!

Though it started out as a pretty cold day (the low was 34), it warmed up faster than I had anticipated, and the long sleeved jersey I was wearing soon proved itself to be more than enough insulation.  When we got to the top of 305 where you can cross Walker Rd. to the Smith Ravine trail, we met up with some hunters who had just loaded a small 3 point mule deer onto their vehicle to transport it to the processing plant.  Pat was wondering why anyone would take such a small buck first thing on opening day…….search me!?

In order to make it back to the campground at the time we needed to, we decided to take Walker Rd. back to the entrance to Hilltop campground, then ride the 305 back to Lynx campground.  All in all we covered about 8 and half miles and had a very enjoyable ride.