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Everyday Outdoor Adventures March 5, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Just Stuff.
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Even the busiest of folks can have an outdoor adventure every day. I just discovered that this applies to me too!

Today, I got home from a busy day of work, and decided to throw the frisbee for my dog for a few minutes. Gypsy is a New Zealand Collie, and she is mad about playing catch. Anyway, on one of the tosses, I inadvertently made the disc sail over our fence and into the backyard. The dog looked confused, then put out. We went through the gate and I sent her into the bushes to find the missing frisbee. After a few minutes (it felt like it anyway) of her muffing around in the brush, she came back empty handed….er, mouthed.

So I started hiking up the hill to get a better view of where it could have landed. While up there, I noticed that I had a perfect view across the driveway and into a pine tree where two ravens were trying to build a nest. I stood and watched them put sticks together and attempt to get them to stay put. Sometimes the sticks fell and bounced through the branches like a steel ball in a pachinko machine, and occasionally the would actually stay where they put them.

By now, Gypsy was upset with me and dove into the bushes again. Eventually she came out with the frisbee, ending my bird watching time by dropping it at my feet and barking like crazy. We hiked back down the hill and continued our game before heading inside to get a drink of water.

And that is how I stumbled into my own mini outdoor adventure.