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Priming for the Whiskey April 9, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Mountain Biking.
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My buddy Kent and I rode after work yesterday.  We parked on Thumb Butte Rd. where the 392 hits it, and rode up the road to the overlook.  That part is a grind….42 minutes of up, up and up.  From there, we hit  part of the up coming Whiskey Off Road (April 26).  The 366 was in pretty good shape, although there was one tree down across it.  The descent just before the 4101J is pretty sketchy, with lots of loose rock and some big ones mixed in.  The 4101J is fine until you get to the rock garden.  This part is a total mess, it has been really torn up by atvs or jeeps.  There are many big holes and rocks, all covered in loose and sketchy babyheads.  There will be mass carnage here on race day!  If I wasn’t riding that day, I would be here with a video camera.  The FR51 was in nice shape, only someone has put some logs out into it, and they sneak up on you (hopefully someone will move them by race day).  The 321 starts out as a double track then suddenly becomes a single that edges along the side of a canyon, there is a single tight switchback turn that will sneak up and bite you if you let it.  The 323 is a short but beastly climb on loose rock that makes it hard to hold your line.  It levels out and becomes smooth after about 300 yds.  It curves south and becomes the 326 which is a double with lots of room to get by people (this is good because there is no room on the next leg). A sharp turn onto the 392 gets you onto singletrack that is just a couple of years old, and switchbacks down the face of a mountain before it changes into double that you can really let it rip on.  This part of 392 goes straight down the bottom of a canyon and crosses the creek (yes it was running!) several times.  Just before it gets to Thumb Butte Rd. it takes a hard right and parallels the road for a couple of hundred yards to the intersection with trail 367.  This is where we parked, so it was the end of our ride for today.

I am looking forward to the Whiskey this year, my hope is to improve on last year’s time of 3:47 for the 27 miles that is the “25 Proof”.