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GORD Course is in Good Shape February 10, 2010

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Several of us went out and rode the course for the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon or GORD this last weekend.

The first running leg is 1.5 miles. The first third of that leg is on wide track trail that is part of the Brownlow Trail system in Pioneer Park.  The other two-thirds is on single track trail that winds through the pinon, juniper and scrub oak trees.

The second leg of the race is he mountain 8.1 mile mountain biking leg.  It too incorporates wide track and single track, but it is no walk in the park, it has about 900′ of climbing and some challenging twisty single track on the north end of the park.

The final leg of the GORD is another trail running leg of 2.2 miles.  It starts out on single track, and ends with almost a mile of the wide track trail to allow racers to not have to concentrate so much on foot placement, but just let the dogs run.

There has been a lot of rain and snow here in the last month, so we didn’t know what kind of shape the trails would be in.  To our pleasant surprise, the single track is in as good a shape as I have ever seen it.  Some sections of the wide track are going to need some dragging, there are some places where the water washed a bunch of sand down over it, and a few fairly deep ruts.

With the race still five weeks away, I will be riding it many more times.

9 Miles on a Mountain Bike October 23, 2009

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I just got back from an afternoon ride.  I am not a fan of riding alone, so I went to Pioneer Park to ride some of the single track in the Brownlow Trail system thinking that if something happened and I needed assistance that someone would be close by and I could get their attention. According to my bike computer, the temperature when I started riding was 71°….perfect!

The 3 mile loop that rode was about 2.5 miles of single track and the other half a mile of the Brownlow wide track.  It was so much fun, that I decided to just continue to ride the same loop.  In the 9 miles that I managed to put in before it was getting dark, I only saw 4 people on the trails.

Windy Evening on the MTB March 4, 2009

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Tim, Kent and I went on a pre-ride of the GORD mtb leg again tonight, and the wind was howling.

If the you are riding into a 25mph headwind and your computer shows 20mph, are you riding as hard as if you were really going 45mph??  It sure feels like it!

We hammered hard tonight, and got it done it right at 45 minutes.  I really don’t think that many people will do it faster than that on race day.  That doesn’t mean that I think that I am fast or anything, but I know the course and was riding hard. I just can’t imagine anyone doing it in under 40 minutes, so come on you guys…….make me eat my words!

The entries for the event are surprising me a little bit, still zero entries in either male or female 16-18 age group.  Another surprise is that one of the divisions with a lot of entries is female 40-49 age group.  And in one last statistic that makes me scratch my head is that less than 10% of our entries are local to the Prescott Area……hmmmm.

I was glad that Tim came along tonight, as he and his wife have decided to enter in the Relay division in the GORD.

Another Duathlon Pre-Ride March 3, 2009

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Michael, Kent and I rode the mountain biking leg as well as one of the trail running legs of the GORD yesterday after work.

It was pretty mild paced ride, and just a lot of fun to ride and visit with friends.  I hadn’t seen Michael in over a month.  During the ride, Michael said that maybe he and his daughter would team up and do the GORD as a relay team, and just a minute ago, he called to make sure there was still room in the event to enter!

We rode until almost dark, doing about 10 miles.

Mountain Biking Leg on the GORD February 25, 2009

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Kent and I went to Pioneer Park this evening to ride the 8.1 mile mountain biking leg for the GORD.

We rode pretty hard, but we didn’t really pound it, and ended up doing it in 47:32.  I think that if I rode it hard, I could probably do it in 45:00 flat, but that would be tops for me I am pretty sure.  I am thinking that the fastest time on the bike during the event will be in the area of 4o minutes.  I really don’t see how it could be done much faster than that.

So for all of you out there that are signed up to compete in the GORD, you can count on spending at least 40 minutes on the mountain biking leg.

Du Course is Drying Out Finally February 24, 2009

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This afternoon I went to Pioneer Park and hiked the two different trail running legs for the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon.

The sun was out and it was a beautiful 73 degrees.  In the next few days, I hope to get to the mountain biking leg as well.  It has more north facing slopes, so it is probably not as dry as the running legs are.  I just hope that equestrians have stayed off of it during the very wet last couple of weeks, as the horses put huge holes into the trail so it feels like washboard to ride.

Keep the Hooves out of the Mud! January 30, 2009

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Bob called me today to see if I wanted to get in a quick afternoon ride……..gee, let me think……

We rode from his house to Pioneer Park and burned through about 15 miles of trail.  I punished myself on the steep ups, but somehow survived.

There have been horses on the Legacy trail while it was muddy again…dang them!!  They tear the crud out of what is usually pretty nice single track.  It kills me that horses and hikers complain about bikes damaging the trails….clearly, horses are the most destructive force on a trail.  Sorry, just had to vent a bit.

Mountain Biking Alone January 17, 2009

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Usually not such a good idea…..

But this morning I went out to ride all three legs of the Go! Off Road Duathlon that will be held on Brownlow Trails in Pioneer Park.  I rode very carefully because I was alone…no hucks or jumps today.

The first 1.5 mile running leg starts out on smooth fire road type trail then after about .6 it turns off onto a windy but fairly smooth single track that weaves and wanders its way back toward the TA.

After racer transition to the 8.1 mile mountain bike leg, they will spend just about 30 seconds on the fire roads, then turn onto single track for about a half mile, where they meet fire road width trail again.  The wide track is about 2 miles long before another section of narrow single track cuts across a hillside and back to the wide track where a pretty good climb begins.  Once riders reach the top, there is a fast descent with some surprizingly sharp turns, then another and steeper climb.  At the top of this climb, racers will go through a tunnel then follow the wide track around a roller coaster loop for another mile or so.  Near the bottom of a descent, there is a very sharp turn onto a mile of twisted and narrow single track that climbs and descends up and over 2 ridges before it takes riders through another tunnel.  With less than a mile to go, riders will traverse a hillside on a single track then join the wide track and head toward the TA.

After transitioning back to the last 2.2 mile running leg, racers will follow single track up a ridge then join the wide track trail for a while then back onto a fairly straight and fast single track.  When they hit the wide track again, they have less then a mile to go to the finish line!

Next time I ride it, I will take some photos to edit into this post.

Mountain Biking the Brownlow Trails January 14, 2009

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This afternoon Nate, Tim and I went out to Pioneer Park to ride the GORD course but backwards.  It is now all dried out and in really good shape.  If I go out there (and hopefully get more of you out there) a few more times before the event, the bike course should be in tip top shape.

In the post before this one, I uploaded the course map for anyone that wanted or cared to see.  I know it is archaic looking with highlighter and handwriting, so I will work on something that looks a little more professional.

The race is 2 months from today, and entries are trickling in.  Remember, it will cost you an extra $5 if you wait much longer!

Tim said he and his wife might run it as a relay team….cool!

Pre-riding the GORD January 12, 2009

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I went out to Pioneer Park yesterday afternoon to pre-ride the mountain biking leg of the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon (GORD).  Ray came along to check out the course.  I don’t think I can get him to race, but he offered to volunteer.  Thanks Ray!

Almost all of the trails were in very good shape.  The one exception was the Legacy Trail, because someone had taken horses on it while it was still soft and damp.  There were big horse hoof holes (like the aliteration?) I guess I could have said huge horse hoof holes, that will turn into knarly little bumpies when they dry out.  Someone had been doing some erosion control on the trail though….Kudos to them!

Hiking with Haley at Pioneer Park October 8, 2008

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Today was a real treat.  Because school is on fall break, I had the opportunity to take my oldest granddaughter for a hike.  We went out to the Pioneer Park/Brownlow Trail to hike the 2 running legs of the upcoming Go! Off Road Duathlon (GORD).  The first leg is 1.5 miles that includes some of the wide smooth trail, and some less traveled single track.  I wondered how it would go when about half a mile into it Haley was asking how much longer it would be!  My response to that was that we were doing great and would soon turn back toward the truck.  This seemed to satisfy her, and we finished the first loop without much trouble.

We took a potty break (that’s Grampy talk), and had a CLIF bar while we were at the truck.  Then we headed out to do the 2.2 mile loop.  This loop also uses single track and the wider smoother trails that are out there.  When Haley kept wanting to stop and “rest” (we were going at a very easy pace even for her), I had to break out the story of the tortoise and the hare.  After that, it was smooth sailing!  She just wanted me to keep telling her stories while we hiked.  This worked fine, as she had her mind on the story and not how far we had gone or how far we had yet to go.  When we completed the second loop, she was surprised that is was already over.

All in all, it was a great way to spend the morning.  I am extremely proud of my little hiker girl, as we covered the 3.7 miles in about 90 minutes of hiking.  She is a trooper, and I hope to get her out again soon, if not hiking, then on her bike!