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Tucson is Leading the Pack in Arizona January 27, 2011

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Tuscon is about to begin a bike friendly project that I think is awesome!

Read the article in Tuscon Velo about the Bike Boulevard coming to downtown Tucson beginning next month.


Road Ride; A Change of Pace for Me May 11, 2009

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Something I hardly ever do is ride a road bike.

This last Saturday I was talked into going on a road ride.  A bunch of us headed out White Spar Rd. at 7:00AM.  We had the whole spectrum of riding abilities in our group, we had two Cat2 riders, two Cat3 riders, a Cat5 rider, and three of us that would fall somewhere below that, all the way down to me.

The strong riders were very patient and stopped and waited for the rest of us to trickle in several times.  When we reached the top at mile marker 305, Paul said he wasn’t feeling so hot, and decided to turn around and make it a day.

From there down through the switchbacks, we all stayed in a pellaton (big word for a mountain biker huh?), and rode at an incredibly fast (for me) speed through those corners.  On the last tight left hand corner I was praying that my tires would hold the line, and we slingshotted out of it and continued at a breakneck descent until we passed the cattleguard and had the climb up to mile marker 298.  When I finally made it to the group, three of them had decided that they would go all the way to People’s Valley before turning around.  Dave and I (no I am not being schitzophrenic) decided we would turn around at the Wilhoit store, and Kent said he would do so as well.  Steve, decided he would go to the Kirkland Junction then head back.

We formed another pellaton for the descent to Wilhoit, and really hammered it to over 43 miles and hour for that section.  Kent and Keith did a sprint in the flats to the next cattleguard, and I sat up and tried to recover before turning into the store.  Dave, Kent and I spent about 10 minutes at the store, refilled our water bottles and started back toward town.

The climb all the way back up to 305 was pretty uneventful, we just rode at the pace that I could sustain, and when we got to the top I was feeling pretty good still.  On the descent into town, a little yellow boxy car went by us, and Kent gave it everything he had to get into the draft of the car.  Dave and I couldn’t catch it, and we watched as Kent and the yellow car disappeared from view.  Dave and I traded places to let each other draft some on the way back into town, and we kept up a pretty good pace.  We pulled into the parking lot at Safeway about 30 seconds after Kent.

All in all it was a good ride, however, I had a terrible headache and my neck muscles were killing me for the entire rest of the day.  I guess it is the position on a road bike that I can’t take.  I have to lift my head up so far to see through my glasses that it just kills my neck.  So, unless I get lasik surgery , I probably won’t be going road riding again anytime soon!

Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride May 6, 2008

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Wow, we had another awesome time this year at the Rosarito to Ensenada fun ride!

7 of us packed into the Suburban with 3 bikes on the back and made the trip down to La Playa de Mision to a rented beach house.  We played on the beach on Friday, then we drove up to Rosarito on Saturday morning where 3 of us got ready to start the 52 mile road ride to Ensenada.

This is no ordinary ride…..there were over 5000 riders, only a few of which were serious about their riding time.  Most of the riders are there for a good time and a fun ride.  There are people in costume, people riding cruisers, mountain bikes, tandems, I passed a guy towing a small trailer with a cooler full of beer on it!  Here is the web site.

One of the most fun parts of the day, comes at the finish line.  There is a MASSIVE fiesta!  $2 Corona beer, and $1.25 fish tacos!  10 of each please!!

We spent Sunday recovering and laying on the beach, and then made the long drive back home on Monday.

This was another successful outing!

A Day of Rest April 13, 2008

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Today is a day to do the chores around the house and rest up from the last 2 days. Both Friday and Saturday were two-ride days. I already posted about Friday afternoon, so this will be about the Saturday rides.

Saturday morning I met up with a group that road rides together every weekend (not me mind you!) 7 of us headed out White Spar with the intent of doing the out and back to the Wilhoit store, a round trip of 34 miles with plenty of vertical. By the time we got to mile marker 298 (14 miles out), I knew that I needed to turn around. While the other 6 riders continued out the last 3 miles to the store, I turned around and took a leisurely pace back up toward Prescott. I stopped once when my chain came off on the inside of the crank, and another time to look at where forest road 53 (part of the Whiskey Off Road in 2 weeks) connects to hwy 89. When I made it to the top at mile marker 305, I sat and waited for the other 6 that I knew would be along shortly. Looking down across the last switchback canyon, after about 10 minutes, I saw them come around the corner and head into the long switchback. By the time they all made it up to 305, I had been there about 16 minutes. They made good time, much better than they would have if I had been trailing along. We held together as a group on the fast descent into Prescott, and ended up at the Starbucks parking lot.

That was the morning.

In the afternoon, four of us did the exact same ride that Kent and I did on Friday evening, but we had arranged to meet up with some other riders coming the other way up to the overlook. So we had a group of six for the fun, rocky and wild trail riding back down to the cars. That part of the Whiskey course is becoming pretty familiar to me, so I am confident that come race day, I will do well there. The other side, however, is a different story. I am hoping to ride it at least once before the Whiskey.

Busy afternoon today April 11, 2008

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This afternoon my friend who is loaning me his road bike for the Rosarito to Ensenada ride next weekend called me up and said, “I have to get out on my bike for a little while, can you go?”

With nothing but chores to do at home, what do you THINK I said?  I drove over to his house and then realized that I had forgotten my riding shoes, so we rode from his house to mine to get my shoes, then continued across town and out White Spar Rd.  I needed to keep it short so that I had time to get to Costco and still make my scheduled mtb ride with another buddy Kent after he was off work.  We ended up burning through about 20 miles.  I usually have no interest in road riding, because I am smaller and more fragile than any car.  However, with a 50 miler looming next week, I figured I had better get some miles in on Bob’s Trek.  It was a good ride, and my legs felt good when it was over.

At 5:30 Kent and I road our mtbs up Thumb Butte Rd. to the overlook and then down the winding convoluted bundle of trails that make up part of the Whiskey Off Road that is on April 26th.  We had a good ride as well, my legs felt pretty tight on the climb up, but all was well, and I made it back having stayed on top of my bike throughout.

Now, it is off to bed to get ready for tomorrow!  I am going to join a bunch of roadies for a 34 miler down to Wilhoit and back in the morning, then some mountain biking friends and I are going to go do part of the Whiskey in the afternoon.  I know, I am a glutton for punishment.  Hopefully, Sunday will be a day of recovery (and chores).

One Week to the Fiesta! April 9, 2008

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I know I write about mountain biking and other pursuits in the woods, but there is one road riding activity that I just have to do year to year and that is the Rosarito to Ensenada 50 mile ride.  This is a ride that friends and I do that ends in what might be the world’s biggest fish taco fiesta!  They do it two times a year, but we have only done the one in the spring, as I am always tied up as the Gilmore Adventure Race Director in the fall.  There are slated to be over 5000 riders this time, and it is always a hoot to see the different bikes and outfits that people wear.  Check it out.