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12 Hours At Night Welcomes Ergon May 3, 2010

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We are very happy to announce that Ergon is on board with us as a sponsor for the upcoming 12 Hours At Night endurance mountain bike ride.

Bike ergonomics is an extremely complicated endeavor and requires knowledge across different disciplines. The development team at Ergon is made up of specialists in various areas; there are bike experts, racers, sports scientists, ergonomics experts, engineers and industrial designers.

Check out the Ergon blog too.

12 HAN Gets Another New Sponsor February 27, 2010

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One of our contributing sponsors for the 12 Hours At Night mountain bike race is going to be The Singletrack Store.

They are purveyors of the MagicShine 900 lumens light kit, that you will see many of the competitors at the 12 Hours At Night using to get them through the hours of darkness.

The Singletrack Store will be providing our universal charging station as well as some Magicshine chargers.  They will also have kits on hand to purchase.

12 HAN Picks Up New Sponsor February 20, 2010

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We here at GO Adventure Recreation are very pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement beginning with the 12 Hours At Night Mtb Ride, and then carrying forward to all our events.

We welcome TopoFusion GPS Mapping Software to our list of very generous sponsors.  TopoFusion will be providing updated online course maps and software packages as prizes.

Please take the time to visit them and the rest of the sponsors that help make our events such participant friendly fun!

New Thompson Seat Post for my Mtb October 23, 2009

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A few weeks ago I noticed that my seat post was bent.  I know, I know….It could have broken at any moment and caused a crash or worse, I could have impaled myself on it!

So today, I went to the local bike shop that carries Specialized, thinking I would just get a replacement for the stock seat post that had served me and my FSR-xc Pro so well these last 5 years.  They didn’t have it, nor did they have ANY seat post of the right diameter! So much for thinking……….

My next stop should have been my first stop as it turns out.  I went to the LBS that is a sponsor of one of our events, the GORD.

High Gear Bike Shop had the right size seat post in a Thompson Elite SP-E128SB.

I went for a ride on it this afternoon, but cannot report anything other than it did not break or bend.  I will however report back on it in about a year.

Prescott Off Road Duathlon is Coming January 23, 2009

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Registrations are pouring in for the Go! Off Road Duathlon to be held March 14th in Prescott, Arizona.  Entries are limited to 150, so don’t delay! We also are looking for able bodied volunteers who want to get out on the course and make sure racers do what they are supposed to be doing…..that’s right, YOU get to be a Marshall!  (Sorry, no brass stars).

Thanks to Barry at the Runner’s Den in the valley for putting up our poster and for his enthusiasm for our event.

Thanks to Bill at Hensley & Co. for agreeing to make us up some banners and some promotional posters as well.

And another thanks to Matt at Buzzmug.com for his ongoing support.

Other sponsors that we are grateful to:

High Gear Bike Shop


Hammer Nutrition

Clif Bar

and there are new sponsors signing up all the time.  In fact, you or your company could get in on the action and be one!

Duatholon Gets Another Sponsor January 19, 2009

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One of the top multisport product suppliers has joined with us at the Go! Off Road Duathlon as an event sponsor.

TriSports_official_oval_sbrsThey are TrisSports.com located in Tucson, Arizona.  TriSports is known throughout the world as the place to get the best deals on the best multisport gear.

For your Pre-Race 10% discount on gear, please enter the following code when purchasing online from TriSports.  G09-R

Entering this code does two things, first and foremost, it saves you money!  Secondly, it shows TriSports that their sponsorship of our event is good for business, so they will be back next year!

Duathlon Gets Another Sponsor December 26, 2008

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The Go Off Road Duathlon (GORD) has picked up another sponsor for the race that is to be held March 14th, 2009 in Prescott, AZ.

Thanks to BuzzMug.com for stepping up as another one of our growing list of sponsors.Buzz Mug

Visit BuzzMug.com for everything coffee and more!

Another Sponsorship December 4, 2008

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We just picked up the sponsorship of Clif Bar for the GORD in March!