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Busy afternoon today April 11, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking.
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This afternoon my friend who is loaning me his road bike for the Rosarito to Ensenada ride next weekend called me up and said, “I have to get out on my bike for a little while, can you go?”

With nothing but chores to do at home, what do you THINK I said?  I drove over to his house and then realized that I had forgotten my riding shoes, so we rode from his house to mine to get my shoes, then continued across town and out White Spar Rd.  I needed to keep it short so that I had time to get to Costco and still make my scheduled mtb ride with another buddy Kent after he was off work.  We ended up burning through about 20 miles.  I usually have no interest in road riding, because I am smaller and more fragile than any car.  However, with a 50 miler looming next week, I figured I had better get some miles in on Bob’s Trek.  It was a good ride, and my legs felt good when it was over.

At 5:30 Kent and I road our mtbs up Thumb Butte Rd. to the overlook and then down the winding convoluted bundle of trails that make up part of the Whiskey Off Road that is on April 26th.  We had a good ride as well, my legs felt pretty tight on the climb up, but all was well, and I made it back having stayed on top of my bike throughout.

Now, it is off to bed to get ready for tomorrow!  I am going to join a bunch of roadies for a 34 miler down to Wilhoit and back in the morning, then some mountain biking friends and I are going to go do part of the Whiskey in the afternoon.  I know, I am a glutton for punishment.  Hopefully, Sunday will be a day of recovery (and chores).