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Road Ride; A Change of Pace for Me May 11, 2009

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Something I hardly ever do is ride a road bike.

This last Saturday I was talked into going on a road ride.  A bunch of us headed out White Spar Rd. at 7:00AM.  We had the whole spectrum of riding abilities in our group, we had two Cat2 riders, two Cat3 riders, a Cat5 rider, and three of us that would fall somewhere below that, all the way down to me.

The strong riders were very patient and stopped and waited for the rest of us to trickle in several times.  When we reached the top at mile marker 305, Paul said he wasn’t feeling so hot, and decided to turn around and make it a day.

From there down through the switchbacks, we all stayed in a pellaton (big word for a mountain biker huh?), and rode at an incredibly fast (for me) speed through those corners.  On the last tight left hand corner I was praying that my tires would hold the line, and we slingshotted out of it and continued at a breakneck descent until we passed the cattleguard and had the climb up to mile marker 298.  When I finally made it to the group, three of them had decided that they would go all the way to People’s Valley before turning around.  Dave and I (no I am not being schitzophrenic) decided we would turn around at the Wilhoit store, and Kent said he would do so as well.  Steve, decided he would go to the Kirkland Junction then head back.

We formed another pellaton for the descent to Wilhoit, and really hammered it to over 43 miles and hour for that section.  Kent and Keith did a sprint in the flats to the next cattleguard, and I sat up and tried to recover before turning into the store.  Dave, Kent and I spent about 10 minutes at the store, refilled our water bottles and started back toward town.

The climb all the way back up to 305 was pretty uneventful, we just rode at the pace that I could sustain, and when we got to the top I was feeling pretty good still.  On the descent into town, a little yellow boxy car went by us, and Kent gave it everything he had to get into the draft of the car.  Dave and I couldn’t catch it, and we watched as Kent and the yellow car disappeared from view.  Dave and I traded places to let each other draft some on the way back into town, and we kept up a pretty good pace.  We pulled into the parking lot at Safeway about 30 seconds after Kent.

All in all it was a good ride, however, I had a terrible headache and my neck muscles were killing me for the entire rest of the day.  I guess it is the position on a road bike that I can’t take.  I have to lift my head up so far to see through my glasses that it just kills my neck.  So, unless I get lasik surgery , I probably won’t be going road riding again anytime soon!

Scott’s Torturous Ride October 6, 2008

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Today I picked up Scott at the White Spar trail head, where he left his truck so we could do an end to end ride.

We met Hal at the place where we park on Iron Springs to ride in “the pines”.  The three of us headed up into “the pines” and climbed up and through the tunnel then up onto the old railroad grade.  This part of the grade is now considered part of the planned Circle Prescott Trail.  That was our plan for this afternoon, to ride about a third of the CPT.

We left the grade as trail 332 headed south and over a hill then down into Fireplace Springs.  It’s called Fireplace Springs, because a large stone fireplace is all that is left of what once was a homestead along a small creek.  From there, we continued on 332 to the south.  The 332 is now a single track on what was once an old road, but the boulders that the Forest Service put in to narrow it as well as all the weeds that grew throughout our wet summer have successfully masked the road.  The 332 ends when it reaches Thumb Butte Rd.

From there we rode the 392 up a long canyon and then further up the switchbacks on the north face of a hillside where we could look out across all that we had traversed so far to see the afternoon sun reflecting off cars headed up Iron Springs road.  This is Scott on that section of trail.

At the junction where the 392 hits the 326,  Hal had to cut his ride short and head back toward his house, but we took this photo before he left.

Scott and I pressed on.  We took the 322 down some fun single track to the 51.  The 51 is a forest road, so it was relatively smooth compared to a lot of what we had been on so far, so we made pretty good time on it even though it was mostly uphill riding.  At the bottom of one of the short downhill sections it crossed a rocky wash, and as I went over the rocks, my front wheel kicked up a foot sized rock that went into my rear spokes and broke one of them out.  Bummer.  I twisted the broken spoke around another spoke, and vowed to take it easy on the back wheel the rest of the ride.  Before long, we came to the back of Camp Perlstein where the 393 takes off of the 51.  Scott and I plugged along up the switchbacks, and stopped for a CLIF bar and some water for a few minutes.  I took these photos on the 393.

We passed a couple of women walking their fluffy white dog at the top, and they couldn’t believe that we had started over on Iron Springs Rd.  We finished the descent to Copper Basin Rd. then took ( I should say hike-a-biked) the 48 up to the 9401L. This is me where when we could get back on and ride again.

We rode the old forest road that is now closed to motorized vehicles around the south side of Wolverton Mt. to the junction where we would head down the 9415 single track toward the “white spar” some people call quartz mountain.  Little do they know that this is where White Spar Rd. got its name.  This section of the CPT is pretty awful (so much for taking it easy on my rear wheel).  Lots of loose, scrabbly rock and pretty steep and narrow.  Scott did a great job coming down this section of the trail, as it is what I would call pretty technical riding.

After we went around the Spar, we only had the 9707V descent before we made it back to Scott’s truck.  We were like horses running for the barn as we bombed the 500′ drop in only a little over a mile on the rough and rocky forest road!

Just as we made it to the truck, I heard Scott say “oh, no!”  He had left the keys to his truck in my truck almost 16 miles behind us!  Dan-dan-dadah, Tracie to the rescue!  I called my wife, and she very kindly drove up to where my truck was and retrieved Scott’s keys, then drove all the way across town to deliver them.  What a gal!

What a ride!


  • distance: 15.6 miles
  • total riding time: 2hrs. 12 min.
  • avg. speed 7.0 mph
  • elevation gain 2368 feet

The Trail Builder June 20, 2008

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On the ride this morning were me, Hal, Paul, Steve, another Steve, and Rob.  Rob is the trail builder and designer who is responsible for trail 396.  He designed the trail, and directed the building of it.

We had a fun and slow paced ride this morning, it was nice and cool to start out. We rode part of the new trails that loop around the White Spar Campground first, then up the 396 to Senator Highway. From there we took396 down to the social trail that most of us call the telephone line, to the Feldmeier trail then back over to the camp ground.  If you want to look at this map, We rode 371 to 372 to 396, to Feldmeier, to 61 to 373 to 372 to 396 and back to the trail head.White Spar Trails

Thanks to Rob for sending me this map.


  • distance 9.76 miles
  • riding time 1 hr 19 min.
  • avg. speed 7.3 mph

Mtb Adventure in the Pines June 14, 2008

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Today I met two guys for a short ride in the pines.  They needed to get it done in 2 hours door to door, so we went from White Spar Campground up the 396, did a little detour around the lakes, and then back down the 396.  It was another beautiful day in Prescott, Arizona.  We only have about 300 of them a year!

It was a fairly casual pace, although both of these guys were pretty experienced mtb riders, so it wasn’t like some of the rides I take beginners on.  We saw a total of 8 hikers and 6 bikers on the trails this morning.


  • distance 10.05 miles
  • riding time 1hr 12 min.
  • avg.  speed  8.2 mph

Another Wednesday Ride June 6, 2008

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5 of us met up for a ride up the 396 yesterday. Shawn and Tim were newcomers to our riding gang, and they fit right in. We started up from the White Spar trailhead and Kent the climbing monkey was immediately out of sight. The rest of us plugged along at a more human pace. About a mile into the ride, Ken was having trouble with his rear brake dragging, and decided to turn back rather than to hold everyone else up. That’s a team player.5 Guys on a Ride

We only took 396 over the first hill, and when we hit the valley that Hidden Valley Ranch is named for, we took an unnumbered trail that the Forest Service doesn’t want to recognize on up to Senator Hwy. From there, we boogied the mile or so up the pavement to the top end of 396. When we hit the pavement, I knew Kent was going to put the hammer down, so I immediately jumped on his wheel stayed there (as painful as it was) all the way to the turn off to the trail. When Tim and Shawn joined us, we chatted for a minute about important issues like……….ok, we just BS’ed for a bit. Then we headed back down the 396.

Shawn flatted on the way back, so we stopped while his pit crew put a new tube in. The ride back to the vehicles was great! Everyone stayed together and we pretty much bombed it. I say pretty much, because for every guy out there that is slower than me, there are probably 10 that are faster!!


  • distance 8.9miles
  • riding time 56min.
  • avg. speed 9.3mph