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The Polar Express December 4, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Just Stuff.
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Tonight my wife and I had the pleasure of taking our two granddaughters on the Polar Express train ride out of Williams, Arizona.

It is really something to see a whole train (well we only really saw one train car, but there were 16 or so) filled with wide eyed children taking a train to the North Pole Village. Then we had Mr. C. himself board the train at the North Pole and ride it back to the station while visiting with every child and giving them a silver sleigh bell.

On the way up to the North Pole, we passed through a Time Warp tunnel that allowed us to make it all the way up there in about a half an hour.  We were all served hot chocolate and cookies too.

It was something that I am sure that Tracie and I as well as our little angels will always remember.  Tonight was one of the real gifts that comes with being a Grandparent.

Weekend near Williams November 12, 2008

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking.
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This last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at a cabin near Williams, AZ with some buddies.  We rode mountain bikes by day and played poker by night…..rough gig.

On Friday afternoon, Pat and I went for a ride that took us out and back in sort of a giant figure eight pattern on some forest roads in the area.  We saw lots of Kaibab Squirrels and enjoyed our 14 mile ride immensley.

On Saturday, some of the guys went fishing, others played golf, and Kent, Scott and I took another mountain bike ride.  The sunlight through the tall ponderosa pine trees was like a picture postcard.  We rode easy and enjoyed looking around at all the scenery.  This ride was 12.5 miles.

On Sunday, when everyone was getting the cabin put back into ship-shape, Pat agreed to pick Kent and I up at Perkinsville on the Verde River.  It was much colder and very windy, so we dressed accordingly (sort of) and headed out on our bikes.  The ride on forest roads across to Coconio 73 was supposed to be the hardest part, as it went up and down and up and down for about 12 miles.  Coconino 73, with the 19 mile downhill on a nearly always deserted and paved road was supposed to be the easy part, and the last 9 miles was back on dirt with the ups and downs again.

Well, we made short work of the first leg, getting to the paved road in just an hour of riding.  When we turned south onto the paved “easy” leg, we were riding square into a 20 mph cold headwind.  What was supposed to be a 15 mile coasting session ended up being something far different.  We actually had to work hard, pedaling non stop just to maintain speed.  When we tried to coast, we slowed down going down about a 3% grade…..crazy.

We turned off the pavement and back onto dirt roads and finally after exactly 3 hours of riding, found ourselves at the Verde River, 40.5 miles of riding now behind us.  Pat came and picked us up and dropped us back at my house in Prescott.

What a great weekend.  Playing poker with the guys, steaks on the campfire, and 66 miles of mountain biking.