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The Lakeshore Trail August 13, 2009

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Mountain Biking, trails.
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Steve and I decided to go try out the new Lakeshore Trail at Watson Lake.

It takes off of the Peavine Trail at mile marker 1, and meanders through the giant rocks that are the Granite Dells of Prescott.

We soon found out that this trail is highly technical, and (for us anyway), involves as much hike-a-bike as it does riding.  There are some really fun sections where you ride right up and over some of the large granite formations, but there are also some places that are more suitable for a trial specialist.

Steve rides down a granite face.

Steve rides down a granite face.

The afternoon was perfect, as the temperatures had dropped to about 80°, and the sun was low in the West.  Chris at the City of Prescott had done a lot of work to make this trail a reality, and we enjoyed exploring it.

Dave crossing one of the smooth granite creek bottoms.

Dave crossing one of the smooth granite creek bottoms.

The trail took us out into and amongst the towering orange granite boulders.

Doing my best trials rider impression.

Doing my best trials rider impression.

There were several places that required maintaining a narrow line along a ridge of granite, and because I don’t usually ride super technical stuff, I found it pretty difficult, and sometimes scary.  This photo is the close up of the one above.

Steve noted that it was very hard to get into any kind of a rythm, because the terrain was so choppy that it was hard to get a flow going.

This trail was fun to go try, but really wasn’t my cup o’ tea for a couple of reasons.  First, I am a whimp when it comes to stuff that looks like I may break a bone or two (this has to do with the required recovery time and medical bills), and Secondly, I prefer a ride that keeps the cardio going and isn’t stop and start.

I am sure that there are some studly riders out there that can ride this whole trail in one shot, I am just not one of them!

For those of you that think that Willow Dells is too easy, or has been dumbed down for us whimpy riders, come try this one on for size!

Steve and Me on the Lakeshore Trail

Steve and Me on the Lakeshore Trail

Willow Dells Trail and Beyond! March 9, 2009

Posted by Dave Of Prescott in Adventure Recreation, Day Hiking, trails.
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On Sunday afternoon, I met Tracie at Willow Lake after we had each gone on seperate mountain bike rides.

We set out for an afternoon day hike on the newly complete Willow Dells Trail.  It is a 2 mile loop that meanders through, over and around part of the infamous Granite Dells area adjacent to Willow Lake.

We followed the trail in a counterclockwise direction, enjoying the scenery and marvelling at how some very good technical mountain bikers actually ride the trail.  There are all kinds of places that are hard enough to hike let alone bike!

Somewhere along the way we decided to follow what looked like a game trail almost directly east toward Willow Creek.  We hiked down a narrow drainage and eventually came out at the creek, but quite a ways below the dam.  We crossed over and walked out on the newly created paved road that is part of a new development (though there are no houses in this part of it yet).  We walked out to  Hwy 89 and followed it south about 200 yards then headed back toward the west on an existing road that turns to dirt and leads to an small section of private property right at the big bend in Willow Creek.

We then walked up to the base of the dam and then over below the spillway.  We followed the drainage from the spillway down to where the high dirt wall had been eroded away by years of spillway overflow.

From here we headed back in a northwest direction until we found another trail that led up and over some giant granite formations and dropped us back down into the Willow Dells Trail loop.  From there we just completed the loop and ended up back at our trucks.

It was a very nice afternoon spent hiking with my wife and our faithful pooch.