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1. matt - September 17, 2009

Is there an AZ race schedule for 2010 yet? Some friends and I want to participate but cant seem to find the adventure race calendar. Thanks for the help anyone

AR Guide - September 17, 2009

Great question Matt, thanks for asking.

Getting things approved is sometimes an arduous process, but as a matter of fact, I heard back today on our first event of 2010 which will be the Go! Off Road Duathlon (GORD).

The date for the 2010 GORD will be Saturday, March 20th.

Tentative date for the 12 Hours at Night is the 17th of July.

The Gilmore Adventure Race for 2010 will be the 25th of September.

Look for some other events to pop up as well!

2. Jennifer - March 15, 2009

Like the blog. The duathlon yesterday was great. It was my first and I look forward to many more! Thanks for everything.

3. GrannyJ - February 3, 2009

FYI: The next Prescott area blogger get together is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 8 at Casa Sanchez, 1459 W. Gurley, at 2 PM. Reserve the 2nd Sunday in all the following months for more get-togethers. To find out more, email me @ GrannyJ-at-afaz.net.

4. AR Guide - March 16, 2008

Thanks Jonea! Get ready for the Verde!

5. Anonymous - March 16, 2008

Nice job on this website. Who better to do bike and hike with.
Good Luck.Your super crazy teamate!

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